Not gonna tell you yet.

I have many words at my disposal…my odd propensity for occasionally reading dictionaries and my incessant hoovering of information blended with my never-ending quest for the most apt or surreal metaphors and similes rarely leaves me at a loss.

Yet this weekend I found myself at a loss several times.

I was in Chicago to teach the never-at-all-fucking-nerve-wracking class on Race Play, in front of a group comprised almost entirely of strangers.

I was doing the demo with a fellow educator for whom I’d had an oddly complete and instantaneous sense of absolute trustworthiness, yet with whom I’d never before played.

Oh, and just in case that wasn’t fucking insane enough, he’d not delved into this type of play himself.

Yeah, I’ll be fine…just take away that net.

And yes, It was fine.

Sheeit…let me not understate.

It was more than fine.

It was pretty bloody astounding.

And I’m not going to tell you about it just yet.

I’m sitting with my thoughts and my bruises and letting the memory and the sore spots linger all smoky slow like honey and remarkable in their soft-focus razor sharp resonance.

I WILL say this: The people at Galleria Domain II in Chicago rocked my world.


People shared some deep ass shit in there, and it is an honor to have the feedback when you are presenting. That dynamic is effulgent.

I’m not sure if it is OK to name the organizers names but I will do so once I haz brainz back and I know it is OK, because they re doing an amazing job there.

If you were in the room Saturday……thank you. You rocked.

If you were at the party late Saturday……your energy was amazing.

If you got into my head, made me laugh and made me cry and brought me to a speechless breathless place then held me as I slept through the night……you are a gift, a blessing, and I hope to soon be able to put words to the song you reminded me to sing to myself. You fucking rock! :-D

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