Art Imtates Life.

Many years ago I took a class called “Writers Who Act.”


The Infamous Poster from "69Stories: One Pervert's Tale"

The class was taught by the BLOODYFUCKINGAMAZING Anne Galjour. She is one of my greatest inspirations in performance, in theater, and in life, for lots of reasons into which I’ll not go into right now. In the course of this class, I started telling stories about myself, my life, and what made me tick. The story I finally worked up the nerve to tell was about this British guy, you see, and how he and I had a really…er…“unique” connection.

I was afraid at first to talk about it, because standing in front of a room full of people and telling them about your kinky sex life is daunting on a good day. But I did it, and Anne encouraged me.

That story is feline in its multi-lived many-stage incarnations. From the 3 minute piece for an in-class assignment to a 15 minute piece for the end of course showcase to a segment in a production that Crowded Fire mounted a couple of years later, it lived.

In fact, Crowded Fire was born, in part, from that hesitant first steps I took in that class, because it was there I met Rebecca, who would become the founder of Crowded Fire.

I was growing into my identity as a pervert too, as Crowded Fire grew. I found a place where I was accepted for who I was, and CF become my Family, even as the BDSM community was becoming my family.

Then I managed to convince Rebecca that I could pull off a solo show, and that it absolutely would be great to have 69Stories live again. On the upside, solo shows are cheap to produce, so I finally was given the chance.

But doing a show takes money, and so I turned to my kinky tribe. And the BDSM community pulled through. In what is to date our most successful fundraiser, I threw a Dungeon Party and Auction at the now defunct Castlebar here in San Francisco. We raised all of the money to produce the show, and every night…EVERY NIGHT…the show was sold out. Not just with theater people, but Kinky people. You could always tell the pervs…they laughed in strange places.

So much of my life in kink was tied to this early time, where I found my voice as a representative of this outlier community. And I will always be grateful for that.

69Stories has been produced 4 times. I even performed excerpts from it at Kinkfest just a couple of weeks ago. It still lives, amazingly. And might live again. As I grow as a kinkster, the story of my journey in BDSM grows too. Who knows? I might tour that shit one day.

All this is to say that we can sure use your help!

Please check out my appeal here: Adopt Mollena!

It would be great if you could kick in some ducats. Everything…and I mean EVERYTHING helps! As much of my life is devoted to the exploration of BDSM, my heart and soul are rooted in theater, in art, and at Crowded Fire, I have a home for both.

Thank you.



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