Stories: Real & Surreal.

This week sees the publishing of one of my True Tales in an anthology and one of my Fairy Tales in another anthology that is being RE-published!

Leather Ever After” has some amazing and brilliant stories…and I’m gonna do a thing I rarely do and toot MY horn because I am swaggeringly proud of my contribution to this particular anthology.

When approached to write a fairy tale, I was initially dubious. I am not a fan of most fairy tales, and most American versions are merely cleaned up versions of brutal European stores. The few I knew of African origin didn’t feel that close to me, and the few Black American folk tales from my youth were problematic. Like the Uncle Remus stories. And then it hit me…I would make my own fairy tale one of setting right the wrongs so often perpetrated in these stories. I remembered “Tar Baby” and the rest of my own take on it wrote itself on my heart. I am excited that it will find its way back to the world. Congrats to Sassafras on this awesome feat!


I have been telling stories for as long as I have been speaking and I have been speaking since I was about 9 months old…so we are looking at over 48 years of me running my mouth. In the tradition of the Griot, I have share my stories and the stories of those I have encountered around the world and one of my favourite outlets is definitely the RISK! podcast. Kevin Allison is a tireless advocate of the story, and has helped to give voice to hundreds of humans and their gloriously unique stories.

One of the risker types of kink in which I have participated involves race and how it informs, permeates and – wait for it – colours all of my interactions within the BDSM, Leather and kink “communities.” I’ve spoken and written quite a bit about the topic(s) and sometimes, get a bit weary of doing so. But wen Kevin asked me to recount, in detail, my experiences with race and kink, in particular a rather notorious scene in which I’d had some difficulty, I could not say no, Story is important. The more difficult and personal, the higher the stakes and the more urgent the need to share.

SO, here you go. The book version is quite a bit edited….I’d listen to the original podcast if you want The Full Monty.

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