Dec 282009
Ah. Much better.

I had to fix it. Gray's version was all fucked up....

Yay! Gray’s put up the  Second part o’ the podcast he, CunningMinx and moi did a few weeks back.

The first part is here.

I hear it is interesting. In case you don’t know, GrayDancer is one of them there RopeDuds and has the Ropecast. And the Lovely and Talented CunningMinx is the proprietress of Polyamory Weekly, which is pretty damned awesome.

Take a listen!

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Nov 192009
No one can say Gray doesn't love the pussy.

No one can say Gray doesn't love the pussy.

 Leave it to Gray to go ranting about some shit.

 The subject of the most recent Graydancer’s Ropecast included a rant (which isn’t all that ranty, so if you are hoping for spittle-flying desk-pounding histrionics, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I kinda was hoping for some heavy breathing and shouting, but noooooo…) about the difficulty of teaching suspension bondage in the environment of a broad-spectrum BDSM event.

To get it from the old goat’s mouth, go here:

(and if you want to hear the BEST ROPECAST EVAR!!1!! go here)

To paraphrase: the thrust of his rant seems to be that it is near to impossible to teach suspension well in the context of a short-form class.  There are too many skills involved to really do the thing right. In a mid/advanced-level rope-specific setting, with several hours allocated, small classes and multiple instructors, he beleives a class on suspension would  seem to be more feasible.

 This is partially due to the fact that many, many people attending cons might be dabbling in playstyles with which they have little to no familiarity, and zero experience.

Gray pondered the core issue of someone who possessed no rope of their own and had never done any rope bondage deciding that they wanted to take a suspension class. The issue being, you know too little: why would you think you could do this at all?  Seems kind of presumptuous to jump in to one of the most complex types of rope bondage there is on your first go, right? Continue reading »

Aug 082009


I like talking. I do it quite a bit. I even do it virtually.

A lot.

Because I enjoy it. I started talking when I was only a few months old, according to my Mom.

I’m sure it was kind of cool until she realized I. Would. Not. Stop.

But I’ve managed to do pretty well for myself being a chatty kid!

When I am invited to talk about something I pretty much always say “YesyayOMGthatissocoolwherewhenandwhatdoyouwantmetotalkaboutandforhowlongOMGOMG!!”

SO I got the call from the production team at Graydancer’s Ropecast and they booked me for a appearance on his show. It was last minute but I figured hey, I’ll do the old boy a favor, and grace him with my presence!

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