Conversations with The Perverted Negress, Episode 9A

J.P. SelfieShave that pussy! Will Coco wind up nekkid? Will we reveal the Super Seekrit Mysteries of why dominants who don’t read as domineering, extroverted Alphas maybe have additional hurdles to o’erleap?  How do you submit to a “mere human” when you might be drawn to a hot archetype? And how the hell did J.P. Get five slaves to hang from the ceiling and fan him?

This is the second slice of 6ix pieces on transparency…Mo selfie with heffalump

We talk about introverted dominance, and how that trait might be a challenge when finding yourself in the broader Kink/Leather/BDSM Confederacies. Manifesting who you are doesn’t have to be dependant on assuming a role, just manifesting yourself.Transparency = vulnerability = weakness: a common fallacy that we pull apart as we dig into the idea about internal transparency. The value of three simple words from a dominant in times of crisis: what do you say when you don’t have the answers?  Is transparency potentially risky? How do we along those things in an unequal power dynamic? And then we have to cliffhang just as we get into moar discussions on emotion…but stay tuned! The next part’s a-comin’!

Show Note:  J.P. shared an anecdote of hearing a discussion from the 

podcast. I suspect the topic  J.P. mentions is the opening trio.

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