Despite rumours to the contrary…

This seems like an odd statement to be compelled to make, but since I’ve heard it from multiple sources in 3 countries, I’ll address it.

I am not “retired” from the Leather/Kink/BDSM community lecture “circuit.”

I was never “retired” from the Leather/Kink/BDSM community lecture “circuit.”

The tapering off of my appearances was not my *choice.*

It was the direct result of blacklisting.
It was the direct result of event producers refusing to pay presenters and/or compensate presenters for travel and expenses.
It was the direct result of so many OTHER presenters declining to make remuneration a condition of their appearances, therefore undermining the shift to a more sustainable model for those of us trying to balance this in our lives without having to become financially insolvent or rely on a partner/spouse for supplementary income.

Now that I am motivated to actually accept invitations to events that are willing to treat me as though what I do adds value to their event, I am down to very few.

And that is wonderful.

What is not wonderful is misinformation…or shitty gossip.

SO, these are the facts from where I stand.

Thank you for reading.

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