Conversations with The Perverted Negress Episode 13~

19 December 2013

Long time no casting, podpeople! We are jumping back in with a swingin’ sack of new episodes! This funky fresh epi deals with random stuff, the importance of brownies when I have to placate an angry uterus, and the finer points of culinary torture. Would YOU, as a sadist, force someone to consume a food…

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Conversations With The Perverted Negress Episode 12B – SPECIAL EDITION: NYC

07 September 2013

Part deux !(that’s French, yo. Shout out to J.P. and the whole Toronto French…er…thing. Or not.) Here’s the follow up to the GRIPPING SAGA that was PART ONE and you have to listen to that one first. For real. Parts one & two are single topic, and inspired by a conversation I had with one…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress SPECIAL EDITION NYC Episode 12!

03 September 2013

Our Very Special New York Podcasts is in three parts! This is Part One. J.P. was in The City for work and we hung out, rolling downtown nomming snax from some of my very fave places (Vanessa’s Dumplings,Momofuku Milk Bar Store, Molly’s Cupcakes) and wound up having some delicious Vietnamese food before settling in for…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress Episode 11D

06 August 2013

  We start off with some ball wedging (hey, it makes sense of you’ve listened to the previous episodes!) and we jump back into telling / showing / sharing the intricacies of BDSM without losing the realness, the authenticity? I describe a wonderful moment I witnessed between a master and slave, and how lovely it…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress Episodes 11B & 11C

05 August 2013

The “Conflict Continues” in the BATTLE ROYALE, we learn my sadness & discomfort apparently amuses J.P. Shocking. What are the limitations to and freedoms within performing BDSM vs. doing a scene vs. sharing one’s interactions with a dungeon of kinksters vs. an audience…is the audience intrinsically voyeuristic? How can one capture the ephemeral nature of…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress Episodes 11 & 11A

03 August 2013

This next series of posts…folks, it is ALL over the damn map! We had a whole bunch of questions and topics and shit. Somehow, the weather became a fasci-fucking-nating topic. I am serious, y’all. I mentioned that I had legendary Evil Jewish Lesbian Landlady and writer and stuff Laura Antoniou on Podcast #10, and J.P.…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress: Episode 10!

01 August 2013

OMG it is the famous LAURA ANTONIOU! Not only a legendary scion of The Middle Aged Guard, but also an all around mensch as one half of the Dynamic Duo that are The Evil Jewish Lesbian Landladies. Laura’s classic work, The Marketplace, celebrates its 20th anniversary tomorrow! And if you]re in NYC, you can come…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress: Episode 9E!

24 July 2013

And here it is! Segment six of the EPIC series on transparency! You probably wanna roll back to Episode 9, and then listen to 9A, 9B, 9C and 9D. Or just go back and listen to ’em all. You can still be a way cool early adopter, yo! Transparency! Yeah, sometimes, you are transparent where…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress: Episode 9D!

22 July 2013

Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch, we are STILL. AT. IT! Transparency and opacity online. Does the “Walled Garden ” of Fetlife keep people from sharing their process in a broader context? Is it safe for sadists and dominant types to bare their shit to the public? Especially when their words could very well leave all…

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Conversations with TPN ~ Episode 9C!

21 July 2013

HOLYCRAPAWESOME it is Episode 9C: part four of a six section extended club mix in which J.P. and I continue to dissect and chew on the multiple manifestations of transparency in Power Exchange dynamics, and in the larger world of BDSM. Transparency in interactions: what we see people doing in the kink / Leather /…

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Conversations with TPN: Episode 9B!

20 July 2013

Picking RIGHT up where Episode 9A chopped off…this is the third section of a six-part series on transparency. Vulcan approaches to coping with emotional surges, feelings and how personal transparency helps PE work. J.P. comes so…close…to making a broad sweeping statement (gasp!) on the crude nature of using emotional obfuscation as s tool for control.…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress, Episode 9A

19 July 2013

Shave that pussy! Will Coco wind up nekkid? Will we reveal the Super Seekrit Mysteries of why dominants who don’t read as domineering, extroverted Alphas maybe have additional hurdles to o’erleap?  How do you submit to a “mere human” when you might be drawn to a hot archetype? And how the hell did J.P. Get…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress, episode 9!

17 July 2013

Transparency, fools! Why do we not see so much of it from dominant types? How important is it in d/s and M/S relationships? When is the hunter more vulnerable than the hunted and who is hunting who in the first place? And more importantly. JUST HOW SWEATY IS JP?!? All this and more in the…

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Wanna help me get it up for longer?

16 July 2013

I’ve started podcasting, and so far it has been pretty awesome! A handful of chats with the Superfly (for a white guy) J.P. Robichaud, and a couple from me, and it seems some folks are digging it! You can see the episodes I have up thus far here:  http://www.mollena.com/category/podcast/ and please feel free to click on…

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The Negress Natters ~ Twitter Q & A

08 July 2013

Yep, the Angry Uterus is on a hormonal rampage. So, In an effort to hold off on crying myself to sleep with a fistful of cake in one hand and my overheated vibrator in the other, I tossed it out there that I’d answer questions from Twitter & FB. Usually, this never works but tonight, it…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress-Episode 8!

08 July 2013

Sex, Kink, Sexuality,  what does it all meeeeean?!? Brainnoms again with J.P. Robichaud and we try to hash out sexual satiation vs. erotic satiation. Aaaand…have moderate success with that.  On eroticising sammitches…and on Coco The Cat’s refusal to bring sammitches. Why SMs are pretty much The Shit and how much it translates preeeety damn flawlessly…

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Conversations with the Perverted Negress Episode 7!

04 July 2013

How excitin! The conversation continues as we talk about my recent stint on the Savage Lovecast!  We bring in a question that wasn’t included in my Q & A from Dan Savage What is up with sexual satiation vs. erotic satiation? And how about  sexual sammitch making, bro? And we also riff on god-mikes and…

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Conversations with the Perverted Negress Episode 6!

02 July 2013

In this bonusy episode, a per-recording tangent lead me to hit record! We talk about education amongst the Confederacy of Kinksters…about the need for more kink-identified folks to be therapists for us,  why we hear about how tops should bottom but we rarely hear about how bottoms should benefit from topping, and how awesome it…

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I’m On THE Savage Lovecast!

25 June 2013

I have been reading Dan Savage’s ponderings on sex and relationships since back in High School when we used to run to get the Village Voice, flip to the back, scan his column and gleefully read aloud each letter that opened with“Hey Faggot…” the reclamation of that term was radical for a whole lot of us…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress: Episode #5

24 June 2013

Not to be confused with Mambo #5. Gah…now it is stuck in my head. No one to blame but me…I brought that shit on myself. Whereon I plead for an editor and J.P. and I flounder around trying to remember what we had just said. So, we talk some more about hunger, gut instinct, low-hanging…

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Conversations with the Perverted Negress – Episodes 4A & 4B!

23 June 2013

Part 4A & 4B is here! Technical difficulties lead me to have to cut in the middle of one recording and so yeah, extra nugs for you. Getting hyphy with the hypotheticals: fantasies vs. realities and edgeplay in daily life. We talk about the hotness of attention to detail, the randomness of stutters, why I…

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Conversations With The Perverted Negress – Episode 3!

23 June 2013

Look! It be part three in my rough stabs at Podcasting…In which we riff into the topic of presenting & Teaching, talk about the Unconference model (shout out to the G.R.U.E.!) vs. your typical kink class. How do we separate out the intensity of scenes in a demo  from the artificiality of a demo structure?…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress, Epi #2!

21 June 2013

Past deux of my multi-part chat with J.P. Robichaud who has one of my very favourite brains in general, and especially when it comes to matters of BDSM and Power Exchange relationships. Have a question or a topic you’d like for me or for me and J.P. to tackle? Hit the envelope over there on…

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Conversations with The Perverted Negress – Opening Salvo!

20 June 2013

Part One – on which you get the first serving of a hefty horkin’ earload of a sprawling couple of hours in conversation with J.P. Robichaud, my very own Ed. McMahon, where we start off riffing about Paula Deen’s Plantation Fascination and take it from there! More to come from this delectable chat, so stay…

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Mo Masocast!!!

14 April 2013

Unspeakable Axe runs the Masocast, and I am delighted to have been invited to sit and chat with him for a while! We recorded it in… December, I think? My memory isn’t awesome and I don’t care all that much…at least not enough to so dig around in my Google calendar and scritch it up! It was wonderful…

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