The Mono girl on Poly Weekly!

28 February 2013

Cunning Minx is awesome, and her long-running Podcast Polyamory Weekly is a standby for all kinds of folks doing all kinds of alternative relationship configurations. So why on earth is the monoamorous Mo appearing on a show for polyamorous folks? Well, you can learn more by listening to my first appearance back in the winter of 2010.…

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Ah. Much better.

So, Minx, A Negress and some RopeDude walk into a bar…

28 December 2009

Yay! Gray’s put up the  Second part o’ the podcast he, CunningMinx and moi did a few weeks back. The first part is here. I hear it is interesting. In case you don’t know, GrayDancer is one of them there RopeDuds and has the Ropecast. And the Lovely and Talented CunningMinx is the proprietress of…

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The Negress Natters: On BDSM & Race Play.

20 November 2009

Look, Ma! New Tech! Welcome to what will probably be a new regular feature on The Perverted Negress! I can talk and you can listen and I don’t have to fucking type. What’s not to LOVE?! Check out the post on race play inspired by Jaki, who sent me a message on FetLife and then…

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Rope rants.

19 November 2009

 Leave it to Gray to go ranting about some shit.  The subject of the most recent Graydancer’s Ropecast included a rant (which isn’t all that ranty, so if you are hoping for spittle-flying desk-pounding histrionics, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I kinda was hoping for some heavy breathing and shouting, but noooooo…) about the difficulty of teaching…

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I’m a Bee!

11 October 2009

Busy and bumbling, that is:-) I am getting swamped by rehearsals for an amazing show I’m in, and you should come see it. Hell, I got peeps coming from bloody Wisconsin and Florida to see it! “Drip” is gonna be OUTSTANDING. I am in the home stretch for the Ms. SF Leather Contest!

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OMG How Lucky is Graydancer?!?!

08 August 2009

I like talking. I do it quite a bit. I even do it virtually. A lot. Because I enjoy it. I started talking when I was only a few months old, according to my Mom. I’m sure it was kind of cool until she realized I. Would. Not. Stop. But I’ve managed to do pretty…

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The (not so young) Mo on the Young & Kinky Podcast!

29 July 2009

I’m on a podcast, motherfucker! Well ’tis no “I’m On A Boat!” but it’ll have to do for now. Listen to me on the Young And Kinky Podcast   right now, bitches!!   Or don’t. Its your life. You gotta do what makes you feel right, yanno?   Thanks Benny and Jinx!

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