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Going's On


  • Dear Mollena...
    Dear Mollena…

    Dear Mollena… It is tough out here. When you are single, even tougher. You have […]

  • my voice.
    my voice.

    I was listening, the other day, to Dorothy Allison talk about truth, fiction, and making […]

  • Dominant Savant...?
    Dominant Savant…?

    The idea of a savant – someone who exhibits a particular exemplary skill while somehow […]



  • Pride without prejudice.
    Pride without prejudice.

    Sometimes I don’t realize what I’m missing until I have it. Experiencing The Composer‘s pride & […]

  • Tell Me You Want Me.
    Tell Me You Want Me.

    As someone who is submissive, not only in terms of power-exchange relationships but also quite […]

  • Whisper.

    He leaned in close, his voice like raw silk, his breath in my ear, my […]