Nov 052018

Swear to Ganesha if one more person grins at me at is all “But which is which?! HAHAHAHA!” I’ll gnaw their elbows.

The time is upon us! The award winning doc about this one Austrian composer and some Black woman storyteller – both of whom also are kinky – has been spreading like a big knüdly hug all over the world and finally we are cracking the seal in the USA.

NOVEMBER 11TH as part of the NY DOC Festival.

Much as I’d love to be all “AND IT’S SOLD OUT!!” of course it isn’t because these cynical ass New Yorkers are all “Yeah yeah. Perverts. I saw 16 on the Q this morning.” I’m sure there are lots of folks who would thoroughly enjoy seeing this strange relationship, hearing the stories, learning a bit about our histories and seeing me AS A CARTOON which is the best thing ever. Really.

You can get tickets here!

And if you’re coming to see the show…or if you’re seeing the show to come…you’re also invited to join us at a pre-show reception from 5:30PM – 7:30PM in the Disco at the Museum Of Sex!

Please spread the word. Even if you can’t make it, we need all the (word-of) mouth-action we can get!

Aug 242010

I fear for the city of New York and, frankly, the planet!

I’m joining the freaking FABULOUS Abiola Abrams tomorrow night on her show, Love, Sex, Dating and Drama!

She’s on Shovio, which is an interactive webcast situation. Go register and then you can log in on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25TH at 10:00 PM EDT and join in what is SURE to be a juggernaut of AWESOME!!

Aug 182010
The Perverted Negress, Without Shame: An Interview with Mollena Williams, International Ms. Leather 2010SexIs: All Things Sexual online magazine from
August 17, 2010

Perverted Negress, Without Shame: An Interview with Mollena Williams, International Ms. Leather 2010

by Lori Selke

Mollena “Mo” Williams doesn’t know how to slow down. Just this year, she was crowned first Ms. San Francisco Leather and then International Ms. Leather 2010; wrote her first book, The Toybag Guide to Playing With Taboo (Greenery Press); staged a revival of 69 Stories, her one-woman show about her erotic self-discovery; participated in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade; quit her old job and started a new one.

In the meantime, she’s made a reputation in the BDSM scene as a sought-after teacher and presenter on topics such as race play, as well as a prolific blogger at and at her personal website, The Perverted Negress. It’s hard to believe that a mere three years ago, Mo was unemployed and fresh out of a stint in rehab for alcoholism. She took a rare afternoon off the day after San Francisco Pride to talk about her remarkable journey over tea.

You’ve been very open about your sobriety.

Yes. And I’m really glad, because part of what was difficult for me was that shame. I had the surety that if people knew how fucked up I was, they wouldn’t like me anymore.
The final—I was going to say nail in the coffin but no, this is the nail out of the coffin—was one morning I got up and I thought I was dying. Continue reading »