Feb 162014

rose Photo courtesy of Sex with Rose

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

Why I Post Nude Photos (and blog about sex)
Discovering Myself Through My Strap-On
Sex Toy Shaming and Bigoted Wise Cracks, FTW!

~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Aftercare and BDSM Play
Two worlds

~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Erotic Fiction

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Jan 162014

Photo courtesy of Gritty Woman

Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #55? Start with the rules, come back February 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

How children will break UK Internet filters.
Submissive, Not Passive
When Sex and Disabilities Collide

~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Tribute to a Selfie
The Pawn

~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Women write about sex shocker!

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Jan 122014

2014-01-10 01.30.17-1I was more anxious than happy when I received an IM from The Composer. It was the middle of the night for him, and he had responded to one of my e-mails letting me know he was only up for a bit and was going to sleep once he was done working. The anxiety stemmed from the fact that my message was less than cheery. I’m dealing with (yet more) dental issues and navigating Medicaid to get the care I need isn’t as simple a thing as one would hope. Being from Europe, the vagaries of our healthcare system are opaque to him, and being a poor kid, I careen wildly between irrationally ragey and then panicked reactions when I have to even TALK about this shit. Let alone do the research and phone calls and make appointments only to be told no, sorry, YOUR particular brand of poor folks healthcare isn’t the RIGHT kind of poor folks health care so just take your poor ass somewhere else, poor person.

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Jun 232013

pufferfishPart 4A & 4B is here! Technical difficulties lead me to have to cut in the middle of one recording and so yeah, extra nugs for you.

Getting hyphy with the hypotheticals: fantasies vs. realities and edgeplay in daily life. We talk about the hotness of attention to detail, the randomness of stutters, why I avoid the word Smörgåsbord, and why pufferfish  dominance isn’t always the move.
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Jun 232013

My challenge to the Rope Community? Create beautiful alternatives to the TK. I know you can do it!

Look! It be part three in my rough stabs at Podcasting…In which we riff into the topic of presenting & Teaching, talk about the Unconference model (shout out to the G.R.U.E.!) vs. your typical kink class. How do we separate out the intensity of scenes in a demo  from the artificiality of a demo structure? How do we insure the folks in kink class observe what they see without feeling as though they’re being given a template for play. We talk about Mo’s code words for explaining VERY STRONG FEELINGS, and how the cock-shot opinion has shifted.  And BTW, J.P.’s handle on FetLife is ControlEnthusiast. And he’s, like, NEVER there so don’t bother.  And then it’s all PSYCH! IT IS OVAH! Because I am hella amateur with this shit and it is seat of the pants. Tune in tomorrow for more excellence!
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Apr 142013

Ms Regan Black

Unspeakable Axe runs the Masocast, and I am delighted to have been invited to sit and chat with him for a while! We recorded it in… December, I think? My memory isn’t awesome and I don’t care all that much…at least not enough to so dig around in my Google calendar and scritch it up!

It was wonderful chatting with him. Intelligent, thoughtful, smart, funny…these are all things that have been said about me, and I am sure they apply to him, too. Fuckin’ with ya, man!

I had a wonderful time visiting and I’d love to have a rematch somewhere down the line…there are always more adventures to share!




Feb 062013

If you’re just catching up on the issue of the Portland Eagle Blackface Problem, please read my original post here.

(Thanks to  Sprinkles McGillicuddy for making a captioned version available!)

Some people have stepped up to the place and stepped up as allies.

Being an ally means fighting alongside. It is about taking a stand, in front of everyone. Vocally. Holding people accountable. Not “agreeing to disagree” when people support racism. About saying “privilege is real.” and talking about ways to mitigate racism, ways to educate so that it is a shared responsibility.

Some folks are tired of fighting this fight. I had several People Of Color who fight these fights respond to me privately and say “I support you and i am too tired and to bruised to fight this today.” Because you know what? For a Person of Color? To walk down the street is to make a political statement. To call out racism is a revolutionary act. And we can’t battle this without great personal cost.

I approached Leathati to ask if I could  write an editorial. I was advised that it would be better to have a “Town Hall” style meeting to discuss it as it is a “larger issue.” No response was made to my request to speak on the topic, and then they found someone else. Originally listed as the “Calendar Editor” for Leatherati, Ms. Best’s byline was, subsequent to posting, changed to “contributing editor.” The Leatherati editor then stated that I was unresponsive to his invitation to the “Town Hall” and that he “welcomed” different opinions. I’m not sure how welcoming it is to not answer when one offers to write on an issue, but shit happens and so it goes. He since corrected his error. I invite Leatherati to post my video entry, linked at the top of this blog, as a response.

Almost all of the people responding to Ms. Best’s column defending the racist blackface act were clear: there is no place for this in our Leather community. I want to personally acknowledge, call attention, and give my deepest, humblest gratitude to the people who have, thus far spoken up on that page. Lady !Kona, Patrick Mulcahey, Janet Hardy, Dana Pellebon, Lane Campbell, Sailor, Sé Shay Sullivan, Shannon. I want to call attention to the titleholder who is representing Washington State who commented, most puzzingly, that a drag act where a white man dresses in blackface and mocks the worst stereotypes of Black women is “social commentary that gently pushes us to challenge our own preconceived ideas or propriety and acceptance.”

Thankfully, there are people who are titleholders who are taking a stand against racist performance.

These are Leatherfolks…leaders in the Leather Community…who took a stand.

Master Obsidian’s post http://www.powerandsurrender.com/?p=457

Slave Namaste’s Post http://www.powerandsurrender.com/?p=457

There are people who are leaders in their own right who are taking a strong stand.

Andrea Zanin’s Post http://sexgeek.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/some-dos-and-donts-for-white-perverts-in-our-efforts-to-not-be-racist

Elaine Miller’s Post http://elainemiller.com/blog/2013/blackface-racist-stereotyping-and-other-sophisticated-humour

Sé Shay Sullivan’s post http://twistedqueer.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/here-is-my-response-to-the-leatherati-post-on-defending-racism-for-pay

Leland Carina’s Post http://lelandcarina.com/updates/2013/02/06/empathy

Roxy’s Post http://uncommoncuriosity.com/2013/02/07/outrage/

Zak Greanty’s Post http://zak.greant.com/2013/02/why-is-blackface-harmful.html

Blythe Baldwin’s Post https://www.facebook.com/notes/blythe-baldwin/sounding-off-about-shirley-q-liquors-act-being-cancelled-at-the-eagle-portland/10151512864452265

Karol Collymore’s Post http://bitchmagazine.org/post/im-tired-of-explaining-why-im-offended-by-a-racist-drag-queen

If you are moved to action, please use the contact button to your right, let me know where you are writing and fighting against racism in the Leather community, and I will add you to this post.

I also want to send a particular shout out to the Black Leatherwomen who have walked this path and fought these battled for decades. Your support and your example gives me hope and fortifies my resolve. Thank you, Sisters.

ImageThose of you who have decided that you:

…don’t have time.

…aren’t interested in getting involved.

…don’t see how it impacts you.

…are just gonna let it die down.

…are going to wait until it blows over.

…don’t want to “take sides.”

…will chalk it up to a difference of opinion.

…are not allies.

It is increasingly becoming very difficult for me to even think of you as my friends.

I’m having to do some pretty serious gymnastics to understand how people I love can take a stand to support, or refuse to take a stand against  something that is injurious to people they purport to love.

I beseech you to add your voice. Write a blog post. Link to this one. Comment on the blogs above. Call people out on their shit. Don’t make excuses for your friends when they are taking a stand you know to be wrong. Do not agree to disagree. KNOW THAT YOU ARE RIGHT to call out racism.

In the same way I DO NOT associate with people who are homophobic, sexist, transphobic, anti-choice, etc, I DO NOT associate with people who support racism.

How about you?

Oct 052012

KNOW YOUR NEGROS III: Advanced Edition. Yep, it is true…there aren’t all THAT many brown faces in the Kink / Leather world. But hey, we are working on it.

Interestingly, though there aren’t that many of us we are mistaken for one another….er…a lot, actually. Embarrassingly so. So I tried to help by posting PSAs.

But now…

We’re flipping the script, motherfuckers! With a score of Mo vs. Q-Tip = 8 to 1 Advantage Mollena (that is, me mistaken for Q-Tip 8 times, Q for me once) and a score of 1 to 0 Mo vs. Vi Johnson Advantage Mollena (in the “Mo mistaken for Vi this one time.” ) and a dozen or so Black women across the USA mistaken for me, to everybody’s dismay .. I facilitated a handy reference photo:

KNOW YOUR NEGRO! QTip, Viola Johnson and me. Q is a Bootblack, a Titleholder, an all around stud. Vi Johnson is a Living Leather Legend, and Griot of the Leather Community. I’m just Mo. I present the photo above as a Public Service Announcement. Thanks, Perverts!

And so it went…to ass some fiber to dat azz, we conspired to see if y’all could work it out if one of us went INCOGNEGRO:

we are KICKING UP THE GAME. Take a deep breath. DO YOU KNOW YOUR NEGROS?!?

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Sep 042012


 After a few years in the making, “Playing Well With Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities” is out!  To celebrate, we have planned an ambitious book tour: 16 cities in 21 days! We will be traversing the USA (and Vancouver) by train (and a few legs by bus), from October 24th thru November 18th, wow.

On this crazy and exciting adventure we want to visit perverts and sexual explorers. Let’s bring this great book, a heck load of education… and entertainment too… out into the world :)

Help us make our dream take flight!

Boston – Hartford – New York City – Philadelphia – Baltimore – DC – Cleveland – Chicago – St. Louis – Albuquerque – Phoenix – Los Angeles – San Francisco – Portland (OR) – Seattle – Vancouver (BC)

We have two goals for this tour.  The first covers our travel costs, thank you gifts for donors, set-up costs and some of our food for the trip.  The second goal will include the costs of getting wholesale cost books out to all of these cities, as well as covering our additional travel costs (taxis, the rest of our food, etc).  The listed goal amount expresses that second goal.


Come Join Us!

By helping support this tour, not only will you be helping bring us to all these great cities for classes, shows, parties, book signings and other appearances, but you will also have a chance to bring a slice of this experience to your home.  You don’t have to be on the tour route to be part of the experience!  We will be blogging along the way. Video blogs, written blogs, audio-boo (mini-podcast) and more! You’ll get to see the adventure from home.


Plus- thank you gifts!  Get signed books, “Wanna Do Some Stuff” cards, thank-you notes, sponsoring advertising opportunities… and private class opportunities too. Please be sure to indicate how you’d like any signed materials to be dedicated in the “Comments” field when you donate!