Dec 092009

Rod Jetton: Flawless Triple Douchebagger.

Ugh. Republicans. AGAIN with the sex scandals!!

OK, to be fair, that is certainly a blanket statement, and I shouldn’t be so flippant. ALL public figures get themselves into sexual loggerheads, right? And hell, my ex, Jack, was a registered Republican and I’ve certainly taken a few tumbles with conservative types. Shit, I even had a torrid affair with a hot blonde Republican from Concord who was the child of missionaries. But she was really hot. Hotness trumps political affiliation.


My point is this…people who trumpet in public are the strumpets in private. I’m so over this scandal and that scandal with these people who yammer about morality and then wind up with their pants down in bathroom stalls and their dicks in the orifii of someone not their wife.

Usually I just roll on past these with a sigh but this Jetton douchebaggery has cut a little closer to the bone.


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Sep 192008

This is always my thought when I am not involved in a relationship. and time goes by, and I have a play-date.

Which I have tonight.

The vagaries of physical tolerances comes to the fore and I wonder if, perhaps, the years of regular, hard play were an illusion.

Perhaps I was fooling myself into thinking that I enjoy pain, that my body will have forgotten those truly transcendent moments, that this was all a Really Desperate Measure to get sadistic motherfuckers to pay some attention to me, for a while.

It does NOT HELP to have a play-date on International Talk Like A Pirate Day with a friend who is not only British but also actually a sailor.