May 152009

As a big old Pervert, I’m always glad to get tips from my friends, twisted or not, about the interesting dark matter they unearth here and there. So I was tickled when my buddy Mike Twittered me about this cool looking on Joe Shuster, on of the guys behind the Superman comic.

Somebody needs to explain to Domme Dangerous that full-force face whipping of the the HED is ill-advised!

Somebody needs to explain to Domme Dangerous that full-force face whipping of the the HED is ill-advised!

Then I read the forward by grizzled-ass Stan Lee.

This book lays bare the dramatic story of an enthusiastic, perhaps even inspired, artist who gave the reading public one of its greatest icons, only to become so disillusioned and desperate that he was later forced to accept commissions to draw what amounted to S&M erotic horror books, material that was the diametric opposite of the type of heroic adventure with which he had hoped to make his living—and for which he will ever be known.

The entire story of Joe Shuster, one replete with drama and tragedy, is a tale that has never before been revealed in such a graphic and uncensored manner. Some of the material in the book may seem shocking; some figured strongly in censorship investigations in Congress; but all of it will certainly give you pause as you consider the consequences that can ensue when a gifted man is forced to lend his talent to the most sordid of projects.

Excuse me?!  Fuck you very much, dude!

Yeah I know but…really?

And yes, it may be that the man himself was horrified and ashamed at drawing kinky pr0n. But isn’t it far more interesting to engage with the work for its prurient value to those aficionados of edgy pulp?

By arms-lengthening it, you miss the chance to really see what motivates the market for this particular type of fetish art, and perhaps miss out on some very real insight as to what it takes to produce it.

Also, Stan Lee is just kind of a douchebag, f’realz.

That “EXCELSIOR!” shit always bugged the fuck outta me. You just know he came up with it when he was 12 and waited his whole life to be able to use that word alla time.

But I digress…

Feel free to buy me this book, BTW, so I can…um…research it myself.


That’s the ticket…