Nov 252009

Hmm...kinda hot, akshually...“The Taming of the Shrew” is a problematic show. The main plotline revolving, as it does, around a woman being forced into an arranged marriage to an apparent loony who then proceeds to beat and starve her into submission. Literally.

There is another plotline but that shit is boring and I don’t give a motherfuck about Bianca. Fuck that ho.

I’ve seen “Shrew” done many times.  Most memorably while I was working at the New York Shakespeare Festival, and we produced it for the Delacorte summer season. Morgan Freeman and Tracy Ullman played the raucous couple. I was interested to learn that the show was  controversial even back in the day, and of course Katerina’s final speech is still debated. Was she truly broken? Sarcastic? Complicit with Pertruchio in order to secure the loot on offer from the “gentleman’s” bet about which wife would be most obedient when the assembled husbands demand their obedience?

This is all debatable.  But dammit. I really wanna star in that play! Continue reading »