Nov 152010

The Dominant Guy nudged me a few days ago about writing something. This immediately popped to the fore, but the past few days have been too thick with Things to focus on it. Thankfully the short hop from SeaTac to SFO cleared me enough to get this out. SO, here’sfor you, sir.



Sometimes it is three hours. That’s pretty standard. Or two, occasionally one. It has gotten up to six, but then dropped back down to five due to the vagaries of the calendar. Occasionally, there is no difference.


I track this with a fairly simple device: my ESQ padlock watch, and what I’m talking about is the difference in time zones between the places I find myself vagabonding and where The Dominant Guy resides.


Not long after the first (and last) time I was in his presence I decided to leave the analog watch on his zone. At first, it was a quick way to connect with my sense of where he might be. Sleeping, or at work, maybe online. I felt a little dumb, mooning around imagining what some guy on whom I had a crush was doing. Idly staring at my watch until our planet’s rotation shifted, until our Venn spheres slowly o’er-lapped to reasonable alignment for real-time communication.


It felt a little obsessive, and I don’t necessarily like to foster that sort of shit. Continue reading »

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