Jun 082010


I think this photo, by the lovely and talented Stacie Joy, was snapped right as I stuttered out that request and observation.

Photo by Stacie Joy, featuring Dov & CoyoteToo

I found myself in the rather unique situation of being in bed with two dominant men and a photographer.

As much as people don’t believe this of me, my actual history of freakish sexual hijinx doesn’t wander far afield when it comes to group sex. I’ve had quite a few instances of multiple females piling on one male, and several instances of multiple female wriggly sex piles, managing to get 2 men all to myself just hasn’t happened.

Until, of course, it does. It happens in the less-than-sexually-organic framework of a photo shoot, so of course the whole thing is seriously ambiguous.

Are they just there because I asked them to do a photo shoot? How far is this REALLY gonna go anyway? That I wound up masturbating while being held down was already highly erotically charged, and I really had to get past a whole lotta internal bullshit to stop. Fucking. THINKING long enough to enjoy it.

And then of course, months, later, I sit here wondering what might have happened…second-guessing. Assuming that such a situation won’t ever present itself again.

And to that, I hear the susurration of my real inside voice trilling Ssssh….what is in store for you is beyond your imagining today. Enjoy the memory…”

So, I will.