Jun 092010

Nah, it ain’t some crunchy navel-gazing post. I am on my way ot the Southeast Leatherfest. And, believe it or not, this will be the first time I’ve traveled to a leather event at which I was NOT presenting since my very first Black Rose back in in 1998.

What  long strange trip it’s been.

I am looking forward to hanging out with my “twin” Q, and meeting new folks…and checking out the five (!!!) Titleholder contests being held there.

What I am VERY much looking forward to is not having to fret about classes, about formal appearances, about having to be somewhere.

Long time coming I get to be a Citizen at a Leather Event!

Well..as much of a Citizen as I can ever be with my crazy-ass self.

Are you gonna be there? Let me know, and do say hello!

May 142010

Thank you to my friend Pinky, for IMsL2010 Barbie!

It has been a month since the International Ms Leather contest. One month ago today, I was in a dazed haze, worrying about the opening number, freaking out about the interview, praying I wouldn’t completely melt down before the weekend was over.

Thanks to Glenda, tomo, Ms. Rhonda and Levi for pulling together a stellar group of people to make this event happen.

Thanks to my friend Tee, for pulling it (and me) all together.

Thank you, Patti for anchoring me backstage.

Endless thanks to everyone who donated to help IMsL’s silent auction.

Thanks to Lamalani and Pony, for setting the stage and showing us how that shit is DONE. Continue reading »

Oct 162009

Thanks to my AMAZING friends, I have a FANTASTIC array of goods, services and delights for the lucky winner(s) of the basket I am offering in my run for Ms. SF Leather 2009!

Seriously, this is a tribute to the Leather Community and how people will pull together for a common cause. Further, it is a testament to how fortunate we are to live in a world where people of ALL walks of life believe in our vision of spiritual and sexual freedom!

Check out my SPONSOR PAGE for info on everyone listed below. These people and companies are on the cutting edge, folks. They believe in freedom, and I believe in them.

I am humbled to add their gifts to the fund to raise money for  LYRIC and the Transgender Law Center!

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