Are You Ready to Bid??

Thanks to my AMAZING friends, I have a FANTASTIC array of goods, services and delights for the lucky winner(s) of the basket I am offering in my run for Ms. SF Leather 2009!

Seriously, this is a tribute to the Leather Community and how people will pull together for a common cause. Further, it is a testament to how fortunate we are to live in a world where people of ALL walks of life believe in our vision of spiritual and sexual freedom!

Check out my SPONSOR PAGE for info on everyone listed below. These people and companies are on the cutting edge, folks. They believe in freedom, and I believe in them.

I am humbled to add their gifts to the fund to raise money for  LYRIC and the Transgender Law Center!

Sponsor Item Approx. Retail Value
Domina Leather Flogger. Egyptian Date Palm switch. Rubber Truncheon $193.00
Poly Pleasures Chain maille Bracelet $35.00
Panther Prowls mini-tail $76.00
Dmitri Rubber Beaters $135.00
Stormy Leather Small red leather Collar. Acrilyc Paddle. Strap-on Harness. Rubber Beater. $150.00
Maui Kink Mango wood handle rattan Cane.  Punisher Cane. Sea Grass Flogger $95.00
Beyond Leather Free Pass to BL 2010 $115.00
Greenery Press Limited Edition Book “Dreaming in Color” $55.00
Abie & Wendy Humane Restraints Ankle & Wrist cuffs.
Ring Gag by Rupert Huse. Extreme Restraints Chastity Belt.
Bay Area WOC Photo Project Photograph of Mistress Heart. By Larry Utley. $200.00
Patti Beadles Photograph $100.00
Sister Mable Syrup 2- hour Massage…or… $180.00
Beth Powell 1 hour Live Harp Session $250.00
Crowded Fire Theater Season Passes $100.00
Crash Pad / Pink and White Productions 1 Year Level 2 Membership $350.00
Wicked Grounds T- shirt Shirt and Coffee $25.00
Luna Raven Creations Painting ~
Berkeley Rep Voucher for 2 Tickets 2009-2001 Season $102.00
Impact Theater Tickets $28.00
Massage by Kat Massage ~ Southern California. ~
Law Office of Shannan K. Rapoport .5 Hour Legal consultation in Arts/Entertainment or Family Law $100.00 “Hurts So good” “Best of Women’s Erotica” “Spanked” One year Gold VIP+++  Membership. $445.42
Anonymous Don Wand Candy Cane Toy $39.00
Various 5 Adult DVDs, BDSM Themed $125.00
Mistress Minax Pro-Domme/ Educational Session. 2 DVDs. $435.00
SF Citadel 2 memberships $20.00
 Patrasha  Professional Submissive: session to be negotiated  $450.00


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