Jun 282012

YeahOKSo…there it is. I haven’t much experience with doing sex only because you’re gonna be photographing it, so I might have been nervous except I wasn’t all that nervous.

See? Not nervous at all…. jazz hands!

I was glad I thought to bring condoms, but unfortunately, these were lubricated. Upside? the lube wasn’t of a particularly janky flavor.

I did wonder if I’d look like a dork with my mouth all gaping open and stuff.  To be honest, I think most people look pretty silly with a phallic object in their mouth. I just don’t personally find it sexy!

Maybe you’re of a different opinion, in which case you may well enjoy the next couple of days of photos…


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Jun 272012

I did as thorough I job as I could with the shaving. The inexpensive disposable razors are not optimal for getting too close without mircocuts but no serious exsanguination occurred. I took care to keep everything clean…shaving foam helped.


Mollena Williams by Charles Gatewood

By the time I was done shaving, that moment of “UM, OK, so next is supposed to be the whole blowjob part of the shoot. And of course, I was still pondering my “Yes.”

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Jun 262012

“What I really like is being shaved…”

I assumed he didn’t mean he enjoyed help with his chin stubble. I haven’t done an interactive photo shoot, and I haven’t done anything that was exceedingly explicit. But hey, what the fuck. I was 9 days away from 43 years old and adding another skeleton to my jammed-like-Mecca-during-Hajj closet o’skeletons seemed the right thing to do.

“OK, but I can’t kneel in front of you, My knees will not tolerate it. How’s about you get on that stool and I sit on this chair?”

Stool, chair, towel, shaving cream, disposable razor…check check checkity check yo self before you wreck yo self and we were off. As was his hair.

It was less weird than I thought it would be.
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Jun 252012

I did a shoot with legendary photographer Charles Gatewood a couple of weeks ago. When we were discussing what he was working on, one of the projects on his table involved more explicit stuff than I’ve done before. And I thought about it quite thoroughly. I wondered how I would feel about having photos of myself that weren’t just nekkid, not just suggestive, but that would involve genitals, like, in my face.

But it isn’t every day you get to be photographed by someone who has also snapped pix of Ginsburg, Dylan, Burroughs, Sly Stone, and pretty much every kind of kinky shit you can imagine. And some you hadn’t.

I’m gonna post a photo a day this week, and some of ’em will be behind the cut because of the porny factor.

Today is less porny and more pony!

“Oracle” ~ Charles Gatewood, 2012