Five Days of Gatewood, Day Four: going down. (NSFW)

YeahOKSo…there it is. I haven’t much experience with doing sex only because you’re gonna be photographing it, so I might have been nervous except I wasn’t all that nervous.

See? Not nervous at all…. jazz hands!

I was glad I thought to bring condoms, but unfortunately, these were lubricated. Upside? the lube wasn’t of a particularly janky flavor.

I did wonder if I’d look like a dork with my mouth all gaping open and stuff.  To be honest, I think most people look pretty silly with a phallic object in their mouth. I just don’t personally find it sexy!

Maybe you’re of a different opinion, in which case you may well enjoy the next couple of days of photos…



It is fascinating to see myself from this particular point of view in the midst of this particular act. I don’t pretend to be some sort of blowjob maven, and with a small mouth and a jaw that pops out of kilter from time to time, I often try to move onto another funtime activity fairly soon.

I’m trying to remember what I was thinking. I was probably trying to remember to keep blinking so the contacts didn’t off-center and greats a nice walleyed look.

And, of course…watch the teeth!

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