Dec 092010

Despite having no lack of photos of myself in compromising positions, every time I do a fetish shoot, or one where I’m gonna have my big old butt in the wind, I become a bit apprehensive. Yeah yeah fat is flabulous etc. But like anyone, I can be a little self-conscious when it comes to letting it all hang out.

I have been rather fortunate in that I have had people in my life who have loved  me and my body in all of its incarnations and shifts. It used to be I was fine with someone who had the attitude that they “didn’t mind what my body was like, they loved the person I am.”

Which is nice.

You know what’s better?

Someone for whom my body, AS IT IS, is the hottest, sexiest shape they could possibly imagine.

The Pizza Guy was one of those people, and I am pleased to say he rather spoiled me in that regard.  You can hear about him and his bellylovin’ ways here.

The Un-Boyfriend and The Hungarian were also aficionados of the gals with more cushion for the pushin’, and The Dominant Guy has zero complaints about my thick thighs.

I highly recommend finding someone who loves your body and treats it with lustful reverence. It rocks.

I also highly recommend finding someone to take a picture of you looking smoking hot being fat. I’ve got a few here and there on this blog.  It helps to have friends and cohorts who are magnificent photographers! Even if you don’t have pro photog buddies,  you can find someone to help you out with that because, I’ll tell ya, nothing has helped me to see my own body as s delicious playground that having it mirrored back to me through the lens of someone with gusto and appreciation.

I know, I ‘m stalling. Photo beyond the cut and there are some titties in, so minimize that shit if you’re at work :-p

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