May 292009

Oh my god! OK, so a couple of months ago I was chatting on Twitter with some guy I didn’t know, who said he was a photographer. I checked out his site and was blown away by his talent, and made some offhand comment about wanting to model for him.

Fast forward to NOW and HOLYMOTHERFUCKING SHIT not only was the shoot a source of some images that, even in my pickiness and crankiness find stellar (you can see some of them here on my blog…just rootle around a while!) but I have the Brobdingnagian honor of being on the cover of one of his upcoming books.

"Seconds" ~ photos by melvin moten jr.

"Seconds" ~ photos by melvin moten jr.



I know, that is SO. FUCKING. COOL.


Even though I am kind of embarrassed that a picture of me masturbating is going to be on someones coffee table somewhere sometime in the not-too-distant-future.



Apr 102009

Despite the fact that I’ve been in front of the camera professionally since the age of 5, I am always apprehensive about photography.

I fear I’ll look goofy, or that the person taking the picture will somehow look at me in a way that doesn’t capture the “real me” or worse yet, that the “real me”  is not much to look at. That is why many of the pictures you see of me are self portraits…like the ones on the left there of me blissing myself.

Melvin Moten Jr. found me on Twitter somehow. Being the obsessive fucking Twitter addict that I am, within 35 seconds of receiving a response from him to some bit-o-bullshit I posted, I was checking out his tweets, his friend list, his follower list and then his website.

photo By Melvin Moten Jr

"Choke"~photo by Melvin Moten Jr.


His website.


Oh. My. God.


Fantastic photography.


Fantastic fetish Photography.


Fetish photography with fat women in there too.




"Swoon" ~ Photo by Melvin Moten Jr.



When he mentioned wanting to work with me if I ever found myself on the East Coast, I was already all over Virgin Atlantic to see if I could shift my flight to my old stomping grounds back a few days, so that I could get my big black butt to Pittsburgh to so a shoot with this guy.

 Yeah, my life’s weird like that these days. But i have a little more freedom, bandwidth and stability in my life these days, so I’m-a exploit it by having amazing adventures.

Do check out his site, and his books, and marvel over how dope his work is and how awesome his models are.

 And soon enough I am gonna be one too!

 We spoke by phone last night and it was like catching up with an old friend. I learned a great deal about him, and I think he learned some about me too.

His concept for the first setup took me by surprise. It pits me in a role I never assume.  It will be interesting.

Then he asked me what I wanted to do, what I needed to show.

I was stymied. What the fuck DID I think I was doing, being photographed?

So…I told him some secrets.

I am not sure what he will do with them yet, but he will, I am sure, see even more than I think people see, because that is how I operate. Stumbling, crawling reeling along and then having myself reflected back in shattered gorgeous facets of my life’s snail-trail.

I’m excited about going to Pittsburgh.

Do you hear that every day?

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