May 072009



…a sneak peek from one of the series that Melvin took of me this past weekend.


Happy HNT!

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  10 Responses to “HNT ~ Sneak Peek.”

  1. I’d so nibble that belly.

  2. loving the nails in this picture…

    • Not a bad job for an airport manicure, huh? I love that one can obtain the daintiness whilst traveling!

      Thanks for stopping in!



  3. Hawt….

    is this the signup sheet?

    • I can’t decide if a signup sheet or a free-for-all is the way to go! So many possibilities…..!



  4. This is just stunning, gorgeous lady!

  5. Ooh lovely!

    Also, you wouldn’t happen to be the in the latest posting to Adipositivity, would you?

    • Yaaaay!

      Yep. That’s me! I’ve been Tweeting madly about it too!

      Thanks for visiting Ye Olde Bloge!



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