Sep 232009
NO gain, NO yummy bruises either...

NO gain, NO yummy bruises either...

I started noticing it when I was in the late-stages of my first kink relationship. The late stage where the sex and kink die-off, you aren’t playing as often, maybe the thrill is gone or you’re in line with 2-5 other women waiting to be slotted in at the dominant’s convenience.

And then it began.

I’d stub my toe three times in one day. Bang my arm into the wall of my cubicle. Smack my head on an open cabinet, and stumble back, wincing from the sudden pain that woke me out of whatever reverie I’d been in.

It didn’t take me too long to make an interesting connection.

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Aug 072009

As I have said before and it bears repeating there is a statistically insignificant number of perverts who eroticise dental pain.  Aside from Bill Murrays’ character in Little Shop of Horrors, you just aren’t’ gonna find many people who dig on that shit!

I’ve been going through a series of panicky moments due to an unpleasant experience yesterday where I just couldn’t get fucking numb for a critical root canal. This guy seems  like a great dentist but it just wasn’t happening and I had to safeword and call the scene ask him to stop the procedure.

“Perhaps…” I thought, after a Twitter post from The Debauched Domestic Diva planted the idea on my head “Maybe this calls for some creative imaginings….”

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