SBF Seeks Hot, Sadistic DDS…

As I have said before and it bears repeating there is a statistically insignificant number of perverts who eroticise dental pain.  Aside from Bill Murrays’ character in Little Shop of Horrors, you just aren’t’ gonna find many people who dig on that shit!

I’ve been going through a series of panicky moments due to an unpleasant experience yesterday where I just couldn’t get fucking numb for a critical root canal. This guy seems  like a great dentist but it just wasn’t happening and I had to safeword and call the scene ask him to stop the procedure.

“Perhaps…” I thought, after a Twitter post from The Debauched Domestic Diva planted the idea on my head “Maybe this calls for some creative imaginings….”

I sat in the chair, hands secured with straps to the armrests and my mind screaming silently. To my horror the Jennings gag holding my mouth open forced me to drool all over the tidy and crisp blue napkin clipped uncomfortably closely around my neck. Attached, as it was, to the chair in which I helplessly squirmed, and deceptively soft, I was throttling myself slowly as I tested the limits of this deceptively flimsy bib.  “Nylon…” I thought “It is backed with nylon that’s why it isn’t ripping…”

My feet had, at some point, also been strapped down to the chair and I think it as the cleavage shot I got from the hygienist as she reassured me that this was standard procedure softened my resistance enough to let her attach restraints to both ankles. I mean OK, so it if is for my protection, it has to be cool, right..?

I was sweating and a little dazed from the anesthetic administered by the hygienist. The sweating was probably due to her billowy boobs resting heavily and, I thought, unnecessarily and pleasantly on my shoulder as he slipped the anesthetic into my gums. I felt woozier than I usually do but, again, I attributed it to the special procedures for which this Dentist was highly regarded in some circles.

I don’t know how much time passed but I was a drooling anxious mess by the time the Dentist finally came in, all business, and stood directly next to and behind me, out of my sight.

“I hear you’ve been having trouble with proper anesthetic absorption, Miss Williams?”

Fuck you, man. You know my mouth is prized open and I’m numb as the forehead on a Beverly Hills Housewife. I twisted my head to one side and caught a hand pulling on a black nitrile glove with that distinctive snap that I find oddly ….hot.

I was about to grunt some smart ass comment when abruptly I felt a hand on my throat and the chair drop back about a foot, as the previously unseen Dentist turned with a shockingly adroit and precise movement. One moment he was behind me the next on top of me; hand on my throat and one knee pressed firmly between my legs.  I

My eyes snapped open and I hitched a breath. With his mask on could only see incredibly cold eyes and the hint of a raised eyebrow.  He leaned in close and the whispering from behind the mask, while barely modified, was unmistakably no-nonsense and he said

“We don’t fuck around in my office, Miss Williams, with spoilt unruly patients. For the next 2 hours, you are mine, your teeth are mine, and I’m going to do whatever. The. Fuck. It Takes to get this root canal resolved.”

His knee pushed further into my crotch which was, to my shame and dismay, wet and getting wetter every second.

“Do we understand one another?”

I nodded, tears already sluicing down the sides of mu face.

“Excellent.”  He reached beyond my vision picked up the drill and immediately the keening whine filled my ears. The hygienist appeared as though from nowhere, suction at the ready and I was completely embarrassed that she was watching this whole thing and that she knew damn well I wasn’t resisting…

Even as the drill approached my recalcitrant back tooth, the water hit my sensitive gums and the hygienist leaned closer, the Dentist’s knee slid, slowly, against my cunt eliciting a slow writhing in my hips.

“Ah ah ah…still now Miss Williams…hold very, very still…”

“This,” I thought “…is gonna be an awesome root canal.”

I will report back if this “Creative Visualization” thing actually works.

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  1. Panthera Pardus on August 9, 2009 at 2:19 PM

    …Okay. I hate dentists, but this was pretty awesome. *grin*

  2. mollena on August 9, 2009 at 10:47 PM

    If I found a dentist that was as hot as that Optometrist I saw last winter…meow! I’d have a closed chart in no-time!



  3. Froghole on August 13, 2009 at 9:16 AM

    That is my all time favorite karaoke song!