May 172009

It is not the first time that someone has been whipped into enough of a frenzy to excoriate me publicly. Years ago, when I was just talking about race play among  a small group of people, and had only one class under my belt, I took this type of fuckery much more heavily.

Nowadays, I am mostly unruffled by such bullshit.

But today, it went down again, but with an extra twist: someone threatened violence.


Hopefully, this so-called class will fail miserably to attract even enough interest to cover the cost of presenting this abomination as “kink”.
Forced Black slavery = 60 million known deaths, Ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Nazis = 10 million known deaths, the European takeover of North American = uncalculated deaths that totaled the annihilation of multiple races and the loss forever of countless traditions and ways of life.
A really small segment of misguided people, attempting to seek justification in re-enacting that which the public has repeatedly rejected as far to painful, to far too many is again  on a quest to show that anything is acceptable when it is defined as “kink”.
This response is written to assure that you are aware of those who will react in the extreme, to any such scenes played out in a public venue. While no one can deny the right of adults to do as they please in private as long as the acts are consensual and non injurious, no one should be dumb enough or uncaring enough to force this issue in a public venue. 
For the record, I am one of those militant-minded individuals who will react violently to such a scene, should I to come upon one in public. All should be warned that I am not alone, as such would injure many and they will react most unpleasantly to such a scene.


It takes ovaries of steel, really, for me to do what I do and I rarely give myself credit for this. The first time I taught the “race play” class at a national event was Black Rose.  I was very nervous.  Afraid I’d be heckled, booed out of the venue.

However. The room was SRO packed and filled with a broad spectrum (well, broad by Leather Community standards) of kinksters. All curious, all respectful, even when they differed in opinion.

This was gratifying because I’d had my share of abuse heaped on my head. All of it from other POC.

I haven’t ever censored myself out of fear.  I am not about to now.  

Once I saw this message posted on a list associated with the Citadel, where I’ll be presenting my discussion on race play the day after tomorrow, I brought it to the attention of Phil, the Manager of the Citadel. Taking my concerns seriously, he called an old friend of mine, Jay Wiseman, who is a good resource and cautious to a fault. Jay called me and calmed me down a bit. (Thanks dudes.)

Indeed, this is most likely posturing, and the threat wasn’t SPECIFICALLY against ME.

But still…

Over it.