World Domination Through Submission

Think there's no way for you to embod and express all of theglorious chaos that makes you, YOU?

Think again.

Meet Mollena

Larger than life, phat as hell, whipsmart AND smart about whips, Mollena [aka "The Perverted Negress" aaka "Mo" aaaka "Pony Oracle," but that is a longer tail] is a performer, storyteller, BDSM/Kink/Leather/AlternativeLifestyle Educatrix, Executive Pervert, librettist and Muse. She is beloved by and in service to her "Spousemeister," legendary contemporary music composer Georg Friedrich Haas.

Mollena is an outspoken footsoldier in the fight against bigotry and ignorance and a thought-leader in the world of Power Exchange dynamics. AND hey, she's been sober since 2007 and has a hard-on for living life fully and unabashedly.

See? Not nervous at all.... jazz hands!
Boots? Yeah, I still dig them.

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Facebook, blogs, podcasts...all great! But I want a place of deeper connection, where folks who want to slide into my DMs can do so, and where I can share more intimately with those ready to engage with me more closely.

On Patreon I look forward to sharing, with a select group of the "Motreons," deeper insights, raw processing, uncensored know, all the stuff Facebook deems to controversial for the delicate sensitivities of low-melanin humans or folks offended by a nipple. I invite you to not only come along for the ride, I invite you to ride shotgun in this sumbitch.

The Perverted Negress Podcast

Insights, stories, specially special guests, human sexuality, alcohol recovery,contemporary music, world travel...the MoCast defies labels and comes to youregularly with forays into, excerpts from, and insight on my life as it is lived. Got a question for Mollena? Drop a line and she may well address it in anupcoming installment of the MoCast!

Upcoming Events

Smut Slam Berlin: Where Sexy & Storytelling Collide

When: Mon 20 April - doors at 7, slam at 8pm
Where: Forum Factory (Besselstr 13-14)
Tix: €10/door, €8/adv

Truth or Dare: W Night of Nighties & Naughty Tales!

When: Tues 21 April *doors at 7pm, show at 8
Where: Lovelite (Haasestr 1)
Tix: €15/door or €12/adv at

Mo Corset & Sadh

The Artist and The Pervert

Love and art have many shapes and colors.

Without a narrator, without a classification comment, this film lets its protagonists have their say: Mollena Williams-Haas and Georg Friedrich Haas. The African-American sex educator, author and performer and the renowned Austrian composer have been looking for the right partner for 40 years, now they live happily and openly in a BDSM relationship. She is his "slave" and muse 24 hours a day, seven days a week, he is her master. For a year, the film accompanies these two people who have found themselves and each other on their way to radical self-determination.