Nov 122008

His chin tilts and his eyes drift in a particular way when he isn’t paying attention to what I have to say anymore. I’m irritated but the lazy meandering of his gaze is deceptive. I know better than to think he isn’t paying attention. He is. He is, even as I earnestly try to explain my hatred of Fox News, nodding and pushing me off his lap as I slide to the floor only to be grabbed by the arm pulled around to face him on the couch. My protests about having to watch O’Reilly are effectively muted by a flick of his hands at his belt and his cock, already half hard as he pulls my face towards it left hand stroking it even harder right hand under my chin, now holding open my lips and teeth and sliding over my tongue his eyes slitted and his voice a corduroy drawl “Hush, babygirl…come on …suck your Daddy’s cock for a second…be a good girl…” and I am I’m a good girl because that pushes a deep seated reflex that includes opening my mouth obediently, blinking upwards as he hisses, inhales. I inhale and take his throbbing cock, alive with its own intent as deeply as I can into my mouth kneeling upwards a bit so that I can ease the discomfort in my back but he takes one leg and throws it over me shoving me further into his crotch my hands fly up to try to arrest the choking swelling shaft of his cock as the head catches my tonsils and I begin to choke in earnest my nose pressed into the firmness of his belly and as I wriggle in panic his hand caresses my neck in an oddly tender gesture “Good girl…Daddy loves his baby choking on his cock…go ahead, now, take it.” And gods help me I do. I hope that last breath lasts me just long enough as he fucks my throat slowly taking his time one hand on the burning sweaty trembling base of my neck the other reaching for…I can’t see my eyes blur with fearful tears he fucks my face harder now. “Oh shit babygirl Daddy’s gonna come in your nasty little mouth…” and help me god I am coming too the twisting bodypanic of a shocking orgasmic response to…what the brutality the lack of oxygen the look in his eyes as he stares down his huge cock disfiguring my mouth my lips. He loses his breath now coming so hard down my throat in spurt. After. Spurt. After spurt. I’m shaking “I really can’t breathe, Daddy” I think and suddenly I can breathe again, a thin trail of saliva and semen caught on my lip. I kneel in front of him his breathing ragged but his hand firmly on the remote as he turns up the volume and lets me know that “Now’s the time good girls are quiet because Daddy’s shows are on, baby. Hush now.”

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