Who’s Your Daddy?

Who IS your Daddy?

Styles of dominance are as varied as chili recipes.

OK. SO maybe that is a kind of fucked up analogy, but whatever.

I like chili.

But some people like the pure old-school shit: the meat, the whole meat, and nothing but the meat. And some people will not accept chili that does not have the power to incinerate intestines on the way in and out.

Other’s are quite happy with some shit form a can, thank you.
In an ongoing series of discussions with my Webmaster (yeah, it’s the best I can do for now. At least I get to refer to SOMEONE as “Master”) we have been discussing what sorts of famous figures of myth legend or cartoonage might be like as dominants, or tops, or, essentially, anyone you’d be responding to in the affirmative should the pungent query “WHO”S YOUR DADDY?!?!” were the answer demanded from you under duress.

And if you’ve any suggestions for future battles, drop me a line!


Spy vs Spy


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