Under 500: “Aftercare”

The line between consciousness and sleep blurs to a haze of breathing and soft contact and the tug of a hand on heated skin. There are moments you want to last because you can’t imagine anything better than what you are feeling right now; the slow twist of a sheet wrapped perfectly around your foot, toes in a cool spot, and the pillow that somehow has achieved the precise position that permits you to press your body even more firmly into the warm body curled behind you. The soles of your feet on the tips of their toes calves pressed one against the other legs interlocked thighs parted just enough to let one knee insinuate itself and apply delicious teasing pressure to your ass and a hand drifting with languid slowness that would be torturous except that it is the sweetest torture one can know than that is the agony of drinking in every moment as fully as possible…twisting at the waist to press one hand against their sweat slicked skin and when did the room get so warm? Difficult to say and harder to tell if the slickness of your thighs is the result of sweat or something…else…a chin nuzzles into the curve of your shoulder, lips tugging on the crease of your neck pulling as you are taken by surprise with a slow writhing twist of strong fingers that brings the already hungry flesh of your breast to needling attention. The gentleness of the lips gives way to a firm grasp of skin between teeth and the quick gasp of surprised delight provokes a quick rearing back and firmer bite with a barely audible rumble in the chest against which you settle back, feeling the slow spreading warmth in your face and shoulders blushing…are you shy? Even now, as a thick cock makes its presence known against the small of your back and that means only one thing, girl. that you have an obligation, you see, because it would be unforgivably rude to be in the presence of such perfection and not taste it…it was, after all, your fault it reared its gorgeous head and manners, manners before all… making bets with your own body seeing how long you can hold your breath how deep you can take him body shaking as he leans down and whispers “What a good little cocksucker you are…” and groans from his throat pull the beginnings of an orgasm from your cunt and hoping that nothing shifts this moment this twining this closeness for fleeting as it is, it is your now.

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  1. Ang on March 23, 2009 at 3:14 PM

    I say that counts, because my Deities, that could be anyone’s fantasy…

    • mollena on March 23, 2009 at 3:18 PM

      I was waffling! I swear to Ganesha…when the memory of reality is better than any fantasy I can come up with, I bow to it.