Sugasm One Hundred and Sixty Two

Sugasm #162

This Week’s Picks
Justify My Love
“All I could think of was to have his arms around me so that they could make everything right.”

Tied Naked In A Field Of Grass
“Growing up on a farm has its advantages.”

On Machismo
“It’s very weird, this rigid interpretation of gender in America.”

Sugasm Editor
Sex Work And Compassion: The Angry Family

Editor’s Choice

BDSM & Fetish
brock’s Task
Golden Spike
Let’s try how it works
Playing Safe
Roommate’s Revenge
Sleeping with Daddy

Erotic Writing and Experiences
Beneath Him
He Likes Me
In The Shadows
Red Pajamas
Three Views of a Nude
Watching Girls IV, Personal Invitation
Work Violation
You Ask Me

Sex Humor
Dancing dildo’s and other sundry details…

Sex News, Reviews, and Interviews
Mistress Kara Chains, a wicked toy, and my naughty behind
The Mistress Manual review
Pixazza + Adsense for Porn & Adultworld
A review on 32″ curved Walnut and Maple Cane by Wycked Synsations with Sera Miles.
Sex Toy Review: ShowerBabe
Think of Your Sex Toy Chest Like a Golf Bag

NSFW Pics, Videos & Audio
Within Temptation -HNT
Womanizer (in sign language)

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships
Admonishment Comes at a Heavy Price
Advertising: Sex, Commerce and Sexual Turn-Ons
Caveat, Qualifier, Disclaimer …
An Escort to Remember
HNT ~ Blood Makes Noise <– Yay!
Is Kink Oppressed? Is it Oppressed like               ?
Labels, identities, and asking

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