Aug 302009

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  11 Responses to “Sunday Morning Sexytime Story: “Not there!””

  1. well said…. but I believe that would be the least of your problems… if the said partner had anything that could be
    transmitted …. well… with contact with any membrane …..

    lamesabassman….. please do the math and please be careful…. there are a ton of people who get something from others and feel the need to pass it along…. the old sour grapes bit…” if I got it… well someone ‘s gonna get it too…
    am not going out … alone..” please be careful.sis…

    • Well, by the time I’m in a relationship with someone, there has been discussion of history, testing, and ll of that. SO, no, there;s no guarantee. But I’m doing well thus far :-)


  2. Thank you for making me snort coffee up the nose :-) It was a great laugh to begin my day with.

  3. Oh, fucking hell this was funny…not so much the situation, cause I’ve been there (also once had semen come out my nose somehow, but that’s a different story…), but your thought process. I laughed out loud as usual. You rock the house.

  4. I WANT to see a porno where a woman screams after someone comes in her eye. I want to see that shit stopped. I want men to understand that that is not a pleasant experience.

    • Believe me, the boyfriend nevr ever went that route again.

      I can tell you my eye was itchy and red for many hours afterward. I might just be extra sensitive, but if I worked in porn in front of the camera you can believe I would NOT permit anyone to ejaculate on my goddamn face.

      OK, maybe Mark Davis.

      But that’s IT.

      OK, OK, and maybe Sean Michaels.

      BUT REALLY, that’s it.

  5. Ohhhhh shit that’s funny. And it definitely helped turn me even MORE off facials!

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