Nov 152009

Been a while so here we go with a simple little reminder to Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Kissing is awesome. Awesome and underrated. I know I’m not alone in feeling that the intimacy of a kiss is a profound one. Back when I used to occasionally go in for casual hook-ups, it wasn’t unusual of the kissing to be either non-existent or perfunctory, at best, with that seemingly silly mode of sensual communication stowed in favor of getting down to fucking.

Which is delightful. I’m a fan of the fuck. However I’m also a fan of the depth of intimacy it takes to deeply kiss someone, to focus on that, and I am a SuperFan of open-eye kissing. I know it might sound odd or far-fetched but I have had times where I have actually had full-body orgasmic response from a good make-out session, and though it might be surprising to the person with whom I’m making out, in all of my career I’ve only received one complaint, and that guy can go fuck himself.

…but I digress…

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Sep 062009

Some things are mixed blessings.

I orgasm pretty very easily, and come pretty goddamn hard, and from all manner of stimuli.

Whether it is from making out, being spanked, the tightening of a rope coupled with That Look, or a slap to the face or an extended club remix session of attentive nipple stimulation or being forced to lick a particularly sexy boot or…

Um. Shit. What was my point…? Right right.


The wintastic @AvaAmnesia commented on Twitter about orgasms and orgasming easily being a drawback.  I was immediately reminded of a rather disconcerting situation so I tucked it away for a SMSS.

Here it is, a shout out to my hair-trigger clit sisters :-D

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Aug 162009

This is a video of my inaugural performance at the Bawdy Storytelling in San Francisco. Curated by Dixie DeLaTour, the “Bawdy Storytelling”  is an awesome chance for people to share their lascivious lives and adult adventures! This is my first time sharing about some personal and controversial stuff in this context. Since it wasn’t a class, and I didn’t have to give qualifiers, warnings, caveats and such, I really felt free to enjoy myself and just tell the damned stories.

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Jul 192009

Let me be perfectly clear.  I neither use nor believe in the term “topping from the bottom.” There are lots of reasons for that, which I’ll explain later if enough people hound me about it. Suffice to say the obvious reason is this: once I am topping you, I am no longer on the bottom. By definition.  So there.

But this SMSS kiiiiiind of bucks that definition, so you can decide for yourself.


Click through to see this week’s tale! :-)

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