National and International Leather Day of Celebration In Memory of Our Mr. Marcus Hernandez

This is being re-posted at the request of Ms. Jill Carter, International Ms. Leather 1996.

Thanks to Q, International Ms. Bootblack 2008, for spreading the word!


Dear Tribe: My heart is heavy with sorrow, but my thoughts are filled with wonderful memories of a friend to most of us Mr. Marcus Hernandez who passed away, October 8, 2009. During his 38 years as a San Francisco Bay Area reporter and columnist Marcus became the eyes, ears and recorder of much this communities history. His passing is a tremendous loss to both the Leather and Gay and Lesbian community.

November 21, 2009, San Francisco, “the city that he loved and that loved him” will be celebrating his life. Many across the country will not be able to attend this event. But there may still be a way to honor his contributions and legacy that he leaves behind. I am asking our community, to honor his memory by declaring Saturday, November 21, 2009, a Day of Leather Celebration. Where we may be wear your finest leathers or Levis, and do something special to celebrate the life of Marcus Hernandez.. Have an “adult beverage” , a “vitamin “V”, (one of Marcus’ favorite pastimes) share memories, swap stories, pictures, your thoughts and feelings. Perhaps host an event where all this can happen.

Audrey Joseph, has shared that Marcus has left the Leather, Gay and Lesbian community a very special gift. One that will require us to take ownership (figuratively speaking) of its contents. Marcus left two storage units full of our history dating back to shortly after he came home from his Armed Forces stint in Korea. These artifacts are to be divided between the Leather Archives and Museum and the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Historical Museum. Sorting through, organizing and properly archiving and distributing photos, articles and other memorabilia capturing almost 40 years of our past and present history will require professional assistance.

On this special day, as we drink a toast to Marcus, please donate at least “one dollar” to secure and protect this legacy recorded by our own leather reporter and photographer, Mr. Marcus. All funds raised during the course of this day in Marcus’ name should be totaled and announced within the communities who proudly raised the funds. Then send a certified check or money order made out to:

GLBT Historical Society Mail check or money order to:

GLBT Historical Society

 c/o Audrey Joseph

 2261 Market Street # 490

San Francisco, CA 94114

VERY IMPORTANT! To ensure that our leather funds go specifically for this purpose make sure you indicate on the check or money order, “For the Mr. Marcus History Collection”. Let the community he devoted his entire life to and loved so dearly, honor his lifetime of service by preserving his body of work. Please feel free to post this letter where ever deemed proper.

Thank you,

Jill Carter International Ms Leather 1996

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