The Negress Natters: Late-Night BS Edition.

Late night and I wanna do some yammering, so I asked who was up late night and wanted ta ask me something. Few people aren’t in overstuffed coma mode, but @weebeasty asked me some stuff…now, something went fucked in the recording and part of it wasn’t captured. But I’m disinclined to re-record it. Suffice to say, the second question she asked me was about that which makes me laugh, even after having seen it a bazillion times.


So I’ve put some reference material below….

Bugs Bunny “Water, Water Every Hare”

betty | MySpace Video

This shit STILL breaks me up. Spider goulash…..haw….

Hey, eternal thanks to anyone who can tell me the piece of music sampled under the 1st scene with the Mad Scientist wen he inspects the robot monster….

Tom & Jerry is an eternal source of evil sadistic joy as well. I have so many faves, but “Pecos Pest” was one of my Mom’s faves too, and we used to sing “CRAMBONE!!!” randomly to one another. I still find this fucking hilarious.

And hey, if you have any other questions (even BDSM related) or want some advice, or tips on how to be awesome, drop me a line!The contact me tab above will show you the way.

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