Apache. (the dance not the webserver you fucking geek)

As an artistical type person going on 36 years now, I am a perpetual student of all manner of art forms. Especially the ones my brain re-purposes for illicit erotic fantasymining.

My skills as a dancer are often limited by the skill of my partner. Hm. Sound familiar? I can bottom quite well to a dominant hand in the dance. I learned this lesson amusingly when, in my last show, one of my co-stars and I were having a bit of toughness getting down what I felt should be a simple bit of choreography. Our choreographer finally stepped in to run the steps with us both. The music started up, she took my hand and the lead, and we did the combo perfectly. She stopped, turned to my scene partner and said “She’s got it. You just have to lead her.”

Occasionally, Wayne Brady DOES have to choke a bitch.


The analogies to love and sex and dance are so hackneyed I will violently verbally swerve to avoid using them. But some of them are unavoidable, specific, and sexy as all bunnyfuck.

Like Apache Dance.

Go read about what it is via that link, of you’re unfamiliar with the term. But ever since I saw performances of this style of dance on WNET dance shows as a kid, I was riveted. A violent dance? Really…

Watching this style makes me wanna drag my fat butt to a dance studio, find a brawny, relentless, hard-eyed instructor, and get thrown around for a while.

How hot a scene would this be in the dungeon?

If getting turned on by Apache dance is wrong, it is too late for me to e right. And OK, aside from the obvious mirroring of abusive behaviors, I enjoy the fact that, in many of the clips I saw, the female dancer gave as good as she got.

In this one however she is, alas, cavemanned at the end..

Which I, of course,found hottest of all.

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