The More Things Change…

I recently did a shoot with the amazingly talented Leland Carina…some of those photos are here. More to come as several projects get greenlighted.

Anyway, in the course of the shoot I was talking about how as a kid, I’d had a headshot photo that was pretty silly and cute.  I emulated it as best as I could for a new picture.

Placing them side-by-side tonight, I thought about what had become of me since that hot afternoon in NYC when this headshot was snapped: on the left a 5 year old kid, a few jobs already on her resume, finally making the leap into professional acting.

Now on the right we have a 40 year old kid, in the basement of a pre-war armory (now pr0n studio) as she poses with the sash indicating her status as a Leather Titleholder.

How does that happen? what are those stories? There are lots of them. I tell some of them when I perform my solo show. Some I have forgotten. Some I won’t ever speak out loud or commit to public memory.

But it brings me to mind of how full and rich and diverse and amazing life is. There was no way I could have even wished to be the person I am today when I was that kid on the left. She wanted to be famous…an actress, a mother, a wealthy Broadway performer with a glamorous career and…married to Captain Kirk.

Who are we now? Well, not…not that.

But we are feeling pretty fucking cool at the moment.

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