Jai! Ganesha is here in inky glory!

Well, it’s a camera-phone pic and Oh boy it still stings but many, many thanks to my brother-in-spirit Gauge, who runs Bulldog Tattoo. He brought my sweet Lord to rest on my skin…dancing on my left thigh.



It’s been a few years coming.  Since I was three months sober, to be precise. The fleshwork work on this piece finally started two weeks ago, and though I was itching…literally…to reveal it, I felt like  I had to at least wait until it was all in. Now, to endure another week of aches, itching and peeling. But i am so happy.

Between Ganesh on my left and Bubbles on my right, we have quite the company onboard.

Now…maybe a brainhamster tramp stamp!

If you are looking for beautiful work in a wonderful environment by a truly gifted artist, check Gauge out!

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