Help me get Bawdy!



It is looking really good for my chances to go back to SF for the Bawdy Fifth Anniversary!

Which is AWESOME!


But I need your help! While I wish I could peel off the ducats and be a carefree jetsetter, I’m actually not all that financially fabulous! If you’d like to see me at Bawdy, or you’re just feeling flush and want to help a sister out, please skip on over to


Dixie De LaTour, is a brilliant impresario and brings an amazing line-up of talent to the stage month after month, and I would love to be able to be there for the big celebration!

Please pass on the link if you’re a Bawdy fan, or if you’ve never been and would like to make the big-ass FIFTH ANNIVERSARY your cherry-poppin’ party!


So vote here…!



Want a taste of the zestiness? Here’s my very first appearance at Bawdy, captured for all time!! Muahahaha (etc)

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  1. TheNewGirl on February 9, 2012 at 8:42 AM

    I was amazed and delighted by your presentation. Very rarely, if at all, have I heard anyone cut to the core of the matter of how some of us compartmentalize our bodies into areas of pride and shame even during sex. Being a very busty, curvy woman, I’ve suffered what I like to call ‘belly shame’ for a good deal of my adult life, which has interfered terribly with my identity as a sexually free spirited kinkster. The belly area has always been construed as a no-fly zone, particularly within the context of Western culture which rarely celebrates curvy, jiggly bellies on women. I sincerely appreciate being able to hear your perspective, but moreover, your hilarious and sexy anecdote really creates a sense of affirmation that there are people out there who really do enjoy our ‘stuff’. Cheers for that! What a lovely story.Keep up the good work, lovely.xoxo

  2. PJ on March 5, 2012 at 12:33 AM

    I feel all of that!!! Thanks for sharing! roared I have been there! :)