“Living Leather, Living Sober.” Panel discussion @ SF Citadel

Living Leather, Living Sober

“ A Panel Discussion”

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Date & Time:in 16 days Tuesday, February 21, 2012 · 8:00 PM –10:00 PM
SF Citadel

363 6th Street, San Francisco, CA   @ map

Cost: $20 at door
Dress code: Whatever Makes You Happy

It is a well known fact that many of people in the BDSM community are clean and sober from alcohol, drugs, food, and other substances. Some of them have come into the community already in recovery from their addictions, while others have gotten sober after finding their way towards kink and BDSM. Sadly, some are still battling with their disease. And, because we have so many who have addiction in their history, chances are that many are in relationships or playing with someone who is currently struggling or has struggled with an addiction. So, what does this mean for the individual as well as for our community? Come join us for a panel discussion as we ask ourselves these questions and more. Topics will include personal responsibility when it comes to those who are in recovery, how individuals manage and take care of themselves when in a D/s relationship with someone who is an addict, ethics when it comes to disclosure within our community, and the ultimate question of whether or not we are still getting high through BDSM play and if so, is that a good thing?

Panel Moderator: Keri Leigh

Keri Leigh identifies primarily as a switch who leans more towards the Top side when it comes to play. She wrote the monthly column, “Kink in the City” in kink-e-zine.com and was a contributor to the SOJ newsletter, Growing Pains. Keri presented at both NWLC and Folsom Fringe and is a Member of the San Francisco Girls of Leather. She is currently on the Public Relations Committee for the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance and is an Editor for Leatherpage. She is the Program Director and the co-hostess of the Taboo Party at the SF Citadel. Keri teaches on other subjects including Cock Worship, D/s Dynamics, Pain Processing , Body Image and Humiliation Play. She continues to be amazed at the potential for growth and healing in BDSM and sees Leather as being part of her Spiritual Path. She has been sober from drugs and alcohol since July 5th, 2007 and compulsive eating since July 10th, 2010.


Mollena (Mo) Williams is a native New Yorker, performer, actor, writer, BDSM Educator and Executive Pervert. She identifies as a Slave and Submissive To One. She is International Ms Leather 2010 and Ms. SF Leather 2009. Consciously Kinky since 1993 and active in Leather and BDSM since 1996 she is all over North America and Europe speaking on many topics involving kink, BDSM, Power Exchange Relationships, consensual master/slave relationships, and negotiating all of it safely. Sober and loving it since March 14th, 2007, she founded “Safeword” (an all-inclusive 12-step based meeting for kinky people recovering from any addiction) in December of that same year.

Mo is delighted to be a featured educator with KinkAcademy, where you can see clips of her speaking on various and sundry topics! She is also a columnist forSexIs Magazine, where she lets loose twice a month on just about anything. Stay tuned for her podcasts on Erotic Awakening, too! She’s a founding member of San Francisco’s Crowded Fire Theater Company and her blog, The Perverted Negress is at mollena.com

Mollena authored The Toybag Gude: Taboo Play. Her essays appear in two anthologies curated by Rachel Kramer Bussel: ”BDSM and Race Play” appears in “Best Sex Writing 2010,” and “Kiss my Boots” is featured in ”The Lust Chronicles.” Her challenging essay on “race play” is featured in“Spirit of Desire: Personal Journeys in Sacred Kink,” edited by Lee Harrington. She is currently conspiring with Mr. Harrington on an exciting new book project: “Playing Will With Others” which will be a comprehensive guide to the kink, BDSM, Leather and AltSex communities! Not one but two essays commissioned by Tristan Taormino are featured in the upcoming anthology, “The Ultimate Guide to Kinky Sex.”

Jessie Vanciel Bio to follow

Steve Ward has been an active member of the recovery community since he got sober in March of 1984. His passion over the years has been with sponsorship, as well as working with General Service within Alcoholics Anonymous, his program of recovery. Steve has also been active in the Leather community since 1998, and has held many positions within the Bay Area Leather / kink organizations. He has orchestrated Leather and Spirituality panels and workshops, and continues to investigate the connection between Leather, Spirituality, and sobriety. He swears that yoga could help.

Char is an agender sadomasochist. They have been free from substance abuse since October 9, 2006. In sobriety, they have found and become a part of the leather community, met their current lover, and came out as trans. They help co-host the TransMission and Invasion parties at the SF Citadel, and live in San Francisco with their boything, Asher.

Michael Blue:
A veteran switch fond of intensity, San Francisco-based Michael Blue plays for connection and self-discovery. His most powerful scenes blend trust and introspection with a playful sense of joy and creativity. While he has great respect for those of the Old and New Guards, he personally identifies as “Avante Garde.” He’s taught classes in SM and Erotic Photography nationally since 1998, presenting to groups in: Boise, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Vancouver, and Washington DC. Michael Blue has been sober since February 21st, 1985.

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