Jun 092012


SF Citadel….. We’re Back !

by AugustKnight  about 23 hours ago

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to announce we have a new space! And, we are a non-profit!

The new SF Citadel Community Center Inc., is now a 501c-3 educational non profit. Paperwork is filed, bank accounts are open and we now can accept tax-deductible donations.

We have an agreement on a building that will work for us, zoned in a part of the city that has nightclubs. In fact this building has been a nightclub since 1945.

The building is in the heart of downtown, one and a half blocks from Powell Street Station. It is one block from both the Parc 55 Hotel and the Hilton and three blocks from Union Square. Think of it, just a block and a half from the historic Cable Car Turn Table at Powell and Market.

It is 8,000 square feet with assembly permits, sprinklers, fire alarms and a floor that lights up. The people who have seen it are really excited. It brings the SF Citadel to a new level of style.

Right now, it needs work. We need to fix things and make it ours. This will be a much easier build than 6th Street was. We can’t wait to start.

All of this leads us to a good future for our community!

It’s been a long, long journey but Phil and I are seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel.

We are asking for your help in moving and building the new space. Please come to 363 6th Street this Saturday June 9th and Sunday June 10th to help move and get our new space ready for the build. We will be working 11:00am – 7:00pm on Saturday and 11:00am – 5:00pm on Sunday. Lunch will be provided. Some of the equipment needs to go to the new space and other items into short-term storage

We have a truck all this week for moving. We will also need help during the day this week and next weekend. We will keep you posted on dates and times.

Any and all help would be wonderful.

Thank you so much to our volunteers for your past and continued support. You all are amazing!

Looking forward to opening soon with your help!

August and Phil

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