Kink the Vote!

Who says dogs get to have all of the fun?

Oh yeah…who is barkin’ for Barack?

When I saw this for sale on the Obama for America store, I was sorely tempted. When I found a discount code (type in “YOUNGAMERICANS” for 25% off!) I went for it.

I’ll be collared to the President and barkin’ for Barack.  Last week while I was in SF I did a shoot for a new PSA due to hit the internets in about a week. the “Fuck You If You Don’t Vote” campaign promises to take the US by the lapels and shake it until it fuckin’ votes, yo.

I suppose if I wanna get really edgy I’ll bottom to a Republican, while Fox “news” on the the background and I’m spanked with a ROMNEY 2012 sign.

Ugh…or not. Some things are just too much…even for me.

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