This past few weeks has been NUTS, yo. Travel insanity, and despite the fact I tried really hard to leave time to relax, it wound up being mostly about dental nightmares and unpleasant financial news. And woven in amidst the whirlwind of planning for the amazing tour that Lee Harrington and I are doing in support of the release of Playing Well With Others is an undercurrent of that nagging sadness thing. It feels so odd to be simultaneously thrilled at the stuff one does and have the feeling, at the end of the day, that it doesn’t quite land without someone I can turn to for that pat on the head and place at their feet. I know, some day. One day. But not today.

But carry on we must!

Thanks to the amazing generosity of some amazing friends, I am able to study with the wonderful Barbara Carellas in late November as she conducts her Urban Tantra intensive! I’ve never taken an intensive course before…and I have certainly not studied sexual esoterica in such a focused manner so I am excited and a bit nervous.

I managed to add a bit of time to my trip to London and that open space drew in some amazing opportunities!

I will be doing a unique Storytelling Event in conjunction with Wotever World!

Ever wonder what it takes to make a pervert? How about a Perverted Negress? Join professional storyteller, award-winning Kink, Leather & BDSM educator, critically acclaimed and award wining actor, International Executive Pervert Mollena for a ONE NIGHT STAND in London! You’ll have the opportunity to be regaled with tales from the downright perky to the deeply perverse and even have the opportunity to plumb her depths… metaphorically speaking, of course… asking those probing questions. You think it’s easy to find someone to respect you after you lick their boots? Not by a longshot…just ask Mollena. Her hilarious, erotic and poignant stories will surprise and delight even other perverts with their vulnerable openness and honesty. This irrepressible submissive diva will entertain you and your questions in her UK performance debut!This event is brought to you by the magic wand that is Wotever World & Mollena Williams, kindly supported by The Flying Dutchman and all the Kinky Fold of London. READ MORE AND GET TICKETS HERE!

And there will be proper classtime as well!

Have you fantasized about rough sex, about taking control of your lover, about relinquishing yourself to the lusts of a partner, about the intersection of pain and pleasure? Do you long to experience the sensuality of bondage, or perhaps the emotional thrill of role-playing? Perhaps you’ve had these fantasies for your entire life and had no idea such wild fantasies could ever be manifested. It could be you’ve read some hot fiction and thought “Yes. This, this is what I need!” It may well be you’ve been too cautious or hesitant to explore them because you’ve been taught “Only abusers hit people!” or “If you’re submissive you are an emotional doormat.” or “People who engage in BDSM are damaged and emotionally unsafe.”

Well, hot kinky sex isn’t just the realm of brooding multimillionaires, online fantasy and overwrought erotica! Nice guys and good girls can get kinky, too! READ MORE & GET TICKETS HERE




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  1. Molly on December 7, 2012 at 8:59 AM

    I am so bummed that we totally missed you, what with Thanksgiving and then a kids weekend we just couldn’t make it. *sigh… another time soon I hope