The Mono girl on Poly Weekly!

Cunning Minx is awesome, and her long-running Podcast Polyamory Weekly is a standby for all kinds of folks doing all kinds of alternative relationship configurations. So why on earth is the monoamorous Mo appearing on a show for polyamorous folks?

Well, you can learn more by listening to my first appearance back in the winter of 2010. Newly exploring a relationship with a polyamourous dominant type, I was glad to share my story, and my thoughts on the matter.

Now, here we are, a couple of years later and while my relationship with The Dominant Guy saw its final chapter last winter, we thought it would be fitting to share with the PolyWeekly listeners a little bit of insight as to how things went, what worked,and what ultimately led to us parting ways. And it isn’t the obvious answer, either.

Thank you, Minx, for all of the wonderful work you do, and for your tireless efforts to bring our stories to others!

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1 Comment

  1. seanjameson on March 1, 2013 at 7:44 AM

    Was great to hear your perspective on this…I always feel sorry for those that limit their options and potential experiences by insisting on only one way to live their lives.