Dec 192013

Long time no casting, podpeople! We are jumping back in with a swingin’ sack of new episodes!

whipping creamThis funky fresh epi deals with random stuff, the importance of brownies when I have to placate an angry uterus, and the finer points of culinary torture.

Would YOU, as a sadist, force someone to consume a food that would make them sick,  just to watch ‘em suffer? Would you, as a masochist, or as a submissive, consent to such an unusual “scene?”  The Heavy Cream Scenario offers a fascinating jumping-off point for discussing the limits a lactose intolerant Negress such as myself might have to impose with negotiation with The Lazy Sadist. Continue reading »

Sep 072013

New-York-City-SkylinePart deux !(that’s French, yo. Shout out to J.P. and the whole Toronto French…er…thing. Or not.)

Here’s the follow up to the GRIPPING SAGA that was PART ONE and you have to listen to that one first. For real.

Parts one & two are single topic, and inspired by a conversation I had with one of my long-time and dear friends, R.– What about people who have, as their core kink, providing service? How do they negotiate for that? Continue reading »

Sep 032013
JPs First Molly's!

JPs First Molly’s!

Our Very Special New York Podcasts is in three parts!

This is Part One. J.P. was in The City for work and we hung out, rolling downtown nomming snax from some of my very fave places (Vanessa’s Dumplings,Momofuku Milk Bar Store, Molly’s Cupcakes) and wound up having some delicious Vietnamese food before settling in for some podcastin’.

Parts one & two are single topic, and inspired by a conversation I had with one of my long-time and dear friends, R.– What about people who have, as their core kink, providing service? How do they negotiate for that?  This might be my fave so far, so bust out some snax and get ready for a pithy half-hour!
Continue reading »

Aug 062013


Don't worry, he IS responsible. JP always eats what he kills.

Don’t worry, he IS responsible. JP always eats what he kills.

We start off with some ball wedging (hey, it makes sense of you’ve listened to the previous episodes!) and we jump back into telling / showing / sharing the intricacies of BDSM without losing the realness, the authenticity? I describe a wonderful moment I witnessed between a master and slave, and how lovely it was. And how that motivates my (possibly futile longing) to somehow bring stories of kick, BDSM and Power Exchange to an “audience” or, as I will forever consider them, the gathered voyeurs. J.P. gets down to the heart of the matter, by questioning not only CAN that sharing be accomplished authentically, but SHOULD that be something we share. And we finally get to J.P.’s true nature: a Dream-Killing Shithead. Which is, of course, really hot. Hot enough that I have now made it a fetish on FetLife. Continue reading »

Aug 052013

Kirk v GornThe “Conflict Continues” in the BATTLE ROYALE, we learn my sadness & discomfort apparently amuses J.P. Shocking.

What are the limitations to and freedoms within performing BDSM vs. doing a scene vs. sharing one’s interactions with a dungeon of kinksters vs. an audience…is the audience intrinsically voyeuristic? How can one capture the ephemeral nature of the energetic exchange within BDSM? Continue reading »

Aug 032013
What the fu---CRONUTS?!?

What the fu-CRONUTS?!

This next series of posts…folks, it is ALL over the damn map! We had a whole bunch of questions and topics and shit. Somehow, the weather became a fasci-fucking-nating topic. I am serious, y’all.

I mentioned that I had legendary Evil Jewish Lesbian Landlady and writer and stuff Laura Antoniou on Podcast #10, and J.P. waxes all rhapsodic as hell about The Marketplace series. And then he makes all kinda noise about how awesome my roomie is, blah blah blah, we all know she’s awesome and boggles the mind knocking out all kindsa books!  We dipped toes into the ongoing 50 Shades debate, I talk about my upcoming OMFG CROSS COUNTRY TOUR (have you donated yet? Please do!) and why I want to create a documentary chronicling the stories of kink and BDSM in the USA. Continue reading »

Jul 242013
"Yo, Inego, let's conversate!"

“Yo, Inego, let’s conversate!”

And here it is! Segment six of the EPIC series on transparency! You probably wanna roll back to Episode 9, and then listen to 9A, 9B, 9C and 9D. Or just go back and listen to ‘em all. You can still be a way cool early adopter, yo!

Transparency! Yeah, sometimes, you are transparent where you absolutely are being honest and sincere and…it just wasn’t the right damn thing to say, yo. We conversate talk about how transparency can indeed leave you vulnerable but how wonderful it is when having that shared recognition of vulnerability can compel us to even deeper trusting and forge amazing bonds.

And of course, the lexicographical trainwreck continues! No, iconify isn’t the word you were looking for either, J.P. unless you meant making someone into a little symbol for the interwebs.

Also not a word? Latitudinism. Continue reading »

Jul 222013
The Power of Billy Dee Angrybird: Works Every Time.

The Power of Billy Dee Angrybird: Works Every Time.

Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch, we are STILL. AT. IT!

Transparency and opacity online. Does the “Walled Garden ” of Fetlife keep people from sharing their process in a broader context? Is it safe for sadists and dominant types to bare their shit to the public? Especially when their words could very well leave all kinds of evidence against ‘em?

Which bums me out./because I SO wanna see more scene reports talk about rom the top / dominant / sadist perspective. Grr! Continue reading »

Jul 212013

photo by melvin moten (erocrush)HOLYCRAPAWESOME it is Episode 9C: part four of a six section extended club mix in which J.P. and I continue to dissect and chew on the multiple manifestations of transparency in Power Exchange dynamics, and in the larger world of BDSM. Transparency in interactions: what we see people doing in the kink / Leather / BDSM Confederacies has so little to do with what is actually happening for people. J.P. Talks about how some opacity can be, for some folks, a beneficial tool for maintaining some degree of personal, emotional, spiritual privacy. When is transparency too much of a risk? FOr those who are engaging in a deeply spiritual path, it may well be that a lack of transparency feeds the idea of spirituality being deeper. Continue reading »