Conversations with The Perverted Negress-Episode 8!

I NEED DIS SAMMITCH!!Sex, Kink, Sexuality,  what does it all meeeeean?!? Brainnoms again with J.P. Robichaud and we try to hash out sexual satiation vs. erotic satiation. Aaaand…have moderate success with that.  On eroticising sammitches…and on Coco The Cat’s refusal to bring sammitches. Why SMs are pretty much The Shit and how much it translates preeeety damn flawlessly to BDSM.  And how I suspect that pretty much all Stage Managers are a bit kinky.

Some discussion on acknowledging service, on why I really need to get the pat on the head, for real, yo. And why IS it that some perverts don’t wanna talk about BDSM being FUN?

Our question for you? Tell us how kink blends with fun and expends your joy! No, for real Tell us in the comments down there. Please? Otherwise J.P. will be all bummed out in that laid-back Canadian way and stuff.

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