Wanna help me get it up for longer?


I’ve started podcasting, and so far it has been pretty awesome! A handful of chats with the Superfly (for a white guy) J.P. Robichaud, and a couple from me, and it seems some folks are digging it! You can see the episodes I have up thus far here:  http://www.mollena.com/category/podcast/ and please feel free to click on the link to the left and subscribe in iTunes!

Right now, I have 30 minutes to git ‘er done. And, as an early adopter, I already have the equivalent of a paid account, in that I have a half hour’s worth of sandbox time. HOWEVER… It would be AWESOME to have more time, and you can either do that by paying for it or you can rope people into signing up to AudioBoo and accrue extra recording time that way! Here is where you come in!

If you have a minute to buy me a minute, I’d sure appreciate it. Please DM me your e-mail address on Twitter, or message me it on FB, or use the mail link to the right o’er here on my blog! Send me your e-mail address, I will send you an invite, and once you get my invitation to join me on AudioBoo, accept it! AND if 30 people take a few moments to do it, I’ll be able to podcast for a whole hour, and that would be so badass!


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