#SubmissionInSixty I am trying a new thing to cudgel my brains into writing something…even if it is short.
To remind myself it doesn’t have to be a big-ass project in order to be worthy.
Its just a blog, right? So I decided I’d write #SubmissionInSixty – a d/s moment captured in 60 words. Exactly 60. SO, here goes!


He said

“I’d like to kiss you.”

I took a step forward, smiling shyly

“Why don’t you just, then?”

Playfully shifting my hip, attempting to push him off-balance.

He absorbed the shift, grinned lopsided.

“Its polite to ask.”

“Politeness is overrated.”

Leaning close, a heated murmur in my ear.

“I’m only polite once.” he whispered.

I giddily shiver.

“Yes, please.”

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