Conversations with The Perverted Negress Episodes 11 & 11A

What the fu---CRONUTS?!?

What the fu-CRONUTS?!

This next series of posts…folks, it is ALL over the damn map! We had a whole bunch of questions and topics and shit. Somehow, the weather became a fasci-fucking-nating topic. I am serious, y’all.

I mentioned that I had legendary Evil Jewish Lesbian Landlady and writer and stuff Laura Antoniou on Podcast #10, and J.P. waxes all rhapsodic as hell about The Marketplace series. And then he makes all kinda noise about how awesome my roomie is, blah blah blah, we all know she’s awesome and boggles the mind knocking out all kindsa books!  We dipped toes into the ongoing 50 Shades debate, I talk about my upcoming OMFG CROSS COUNTRY TOUR (have you donated yet? Please do!) and why I want to create a documentary chronicling the stories of kink and BDSM in the USA.

IN the second part we start to actually talk about BDSM stuff, J.P. starts making up words again, and we analyze the gap between what is seen and what is felt when we engage in BDSM and Power Exchange dynamics.

When is performance narrative? Ambition? Activism? Push activism vs. pull activism. And what was the name of that damn Spiderman Musical anyway?

Actors vs. performers, dungeon performers vs. actors. What is a scene vs. a performance? And what does Mo have against Peter Greenaway?

We pick on the awareness gap between what you see people doing vs. what is actually happening…and I add bottoming to a top who is blindfolded to bucket list! Then there’s somethin’ ’bout performatizing silence (still not a word, babe.) and THEN…! You Heard It Here First, Folks…we have our FIRST DISAGREEMENT!!
It is vicious.
It inspires me to begin conceptualizing an entire performance piece…which may or may not survive THE CRUCIBLE OF DEVELOPMENT that is J.P. Robichaud’s EPIC ELLIPSOIDAL LIGHT OF EVISCERATION.

Oh, its just getting good…

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