Happy Birthday, and Service.

I have some brilliant and talented friends, not the least of whom is the award-winning and world-renowned photographer Michele Serchuk. She’s simply wonderful in every aspect of photography, from brainstorming themes, moods and ideas to keeping the atmosphere on-set focused yet fun.  When she approached me about her latest project, which was a photographic series on personal fetishes, I was totally down.

Since my main “thing” is service, that part was easy. Then came the question…how the fuck does one SHOW that?!? My service to him as Muse, as sex object, as chef, as personal assistant, as herd dog….so may things. But I think we managed to distill some essence.

©Michele Serchuk 2015

We talked about it a few times over a few weeks, came up with some ideas, and then I decided to add META SERVICE to it and present him with the photographs for his birthday, which is today.

©Michele Serchuk 2015

I had two larger prints made, and one smaller for his office at Columbia, so that he doesn’t forget that I am with him there, too.

This one, I might place right above the LoveSac, for that fractal feeling.

©Michele Serchuk

I love you, Sir, and happy birthday. May this, your 62nd year in this body, outshine all previous years and inspire you to even more greatness, further adventure, and all challenges overcome.

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